Student Publications

Happy Captive Magazine

Happy Captive Magazine is a printed and online publication for students and faculty across campus. They are on the lookout for a great story, regardless of the form it takes; they are open to writing, art, video, music, and more. Happy Captive Magazine prides itself on being a slave to its art, and is all too delighted to be so.


As the university's principal undergraduate literary arts magazine, Inklings publishes undergraduate work annually. All members of the editorial staff are undergraduates, and many are English majors. Their mission is to encourage creativity by providing an outlet for artistic endeavors within the Miami community, particularly among all Miami undergraduates, to foster an artistic community on campus that includes both students and faculty, and to produce a high-quality magazine that provides a forum for undergraduate creative endeavors.

The Miami Student Magazine

The Miami Student Magazine, found both in print and online, is run by students who believe in the power of a true story, especially one that is artfully told. The Magazine is committed to showcasing the best creative nonfiction and features journalism the Miami University community has to offer.

As a branch of TMS Media, the Magazine acts as a sister publication to The Miami Student newspaper, and complements it by publishing written and multimedia content that wouldn’t typically be found in newsprint. The Magazine welcomes the offbeat, the personal and the unconventional as valuable perspectives to share with the students of Miami University and the surrounding community.


Segue is the online literary journal of Miami University-Middletown, and the big brother to Illuminati, the literary print journal on Middletown's campus. Segue is edited by Eric Melbye, Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, with the invaluable aid of Illuminati’s student editor, who serves as Managing Editor.

Our featured authors publish short collections of their work along with writing that explores the process behind their submissions, our “Writing on Writing” page provides a site of exchange for students, teachers, and writers to explore writing-related issues, as does our listserv, and our “Resources” page offers links to other literary journals and writerly information.

Oxford Magazine

Oxford Magazine, is a national literary magazine edited by students in the graduate program in the department. Since publishing its first issue in 1984, the magazine has featured both celebrated and new writers working in fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Interviews, photography, and other visual art have also occasionally appeared in the journal, and the possibility of including literary criticism and reviews is currently on the table. The magazine also sponsors three or four readings a semester featuring graduate students, faculty, and visiting writers. 

College Composition

College Composition at Miami, the handbook for first-year composition students, describes department composition courses and policies and includes award-winning essays by undergraduate students. View the online companion site to the printed handbook.