Student Spotlight

Current and former students describe how they came to choose Miami, life as a Miami student, the value of a liberal arts education, their study abroad experiences and internships, and more.

Melanie Murray

photo of Melanie Murray(Class of 2019)

"Having a major in the liberal arts allows you to have a well-rounded education. I am able to discuss, learn, and act on important real-world problems, even outside my two majors. I've learned to consider all aspects of the issues I will be working on and to think outside of the box."

Read what Melanie had to say about her urban & regional planning major.

Hannah Clarke

photo of Hannah Clarke(Class of 2019)

"When I'm interested in pursuing something academically, I am very direct in asking my professors. For their part, I've been very fortunate that they remind me about all sorts of available opportunities. This has encouraged me to be even more independent, to the point where I've been able to work with professors on designing classes and projects that are more focused on my interests."

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Ryan Geary

photo of Ryan Geary(Class of 2019)

"[My Ohio Public Leaders fellowship and Inside Washington] experiences taken together provided me with a well-rounded and informed perspective of federalism and the unique challenges faced by different levels of government, and they have thoroughly prepared me for a career in law and government."

Read what Ryan had to say about his legal research and internships in government.

Andrew Fausey

photo of Andrew Fausey(Class of 2019)

"Liberal arts courses help you to learn how to write and think differently and more creatively, and they've complemented my science classes as well. In the biological sense, I feel I'm developing a different side of my brain that wouldn't be accessed by memorization of biology pathways or biochemistry mechanisms and such."

Read what Andrew had to say about his regenerative retina research.

Katherine Rodriguez

photo of Katherine Rodriguez(Class of 2019)

"Having recently applied to medical school, I feel prepared for post-graduation through my Miami coursework and preparation for the MCAT exam. My premedical classes showed me what the application process was going to look like, so I never felt I was going through it alone."

Read what Katherine had to say about her research and MedLife trips abroad.

Ellen Stenstrom

photo of Ellen Stenstrom(Class of 2019)

"The value of Miami's undergraduate research cannot be overstated. Coming here I didn't know you could do research in the humanities, let alone in literature. As an incoming student I attended a lecture that explained how to get involved in humanities research, and that became a major goal for me from then on."

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Lucy Eisgruber

photo of Lucy Eisgruber(Class of 2019)

"People often say you need a specific major to be successful, but I would argue that it doesn't matter about your major — it matters how hard you work and what passion you bring to it."

Read what Lucy had to say about her major and extracurricular activities.