History, Philosophy, and Religion

These humanities-based majors involve the study of human ideas and reasoning that underlie different worldviews. Using original texts and critical readings, you will access, interpret, and evaluate diverse perspectives and explore what it means to be human.

Highlights and Opportunities

  • Create a broad set of skills, enabling you to pursue any career—to become a professor or teacher, a lawyer or business executive—or to enroll in a top graduate or professional program
  • Engage in intense, discussion-based courses that promote creative and critical thought and expression in a variety of forms and media
  • Gather evidence from likely and unlikely sources, employ and analyze multiple perspectives, and make critical arguments
  • Develop original ideas and communicate them effectively through reasoned argumentation
  • Embark in opportunities for independent and directed research
  • Take part in the Miami University Humanities Center, which:
    • Fosters creative, interdisciplinary exchanges and collaborations among faculty, students, outside experts, and the public
    • Sponsors the Altman Fellows Program, made up of selected faculty and student scholars who cultivate, explore, and promote a special topic of their own design
    • Supports engaged undergraduate learning and research
  • Equip yourself with skills that are not only essential to most careers, but also the foundation of engaged and responsible citizenship

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