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Scholarship Opportunities for Dragonfly Students

Scholarship funds as graduate support can help reduce some of the financial burden so students focus their efforts on their coursework and in achieving their student goals. Project Dragonfly, along with key donor partners, offers several partial scholarships each year (ranging from $250-$1000) as individual awards to current graduate students in our a Master of Arts (MA) or a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs. These funds can be used to cover tuition and other course-related costs. Since 2009, Dragonfly students have received $31,000 in scholarship funds. We also offer some further ideas on Helping to Fund your Degree.

Each of our scholarship donors are interested and care about each scholarship recipient and so awardees may be asked to provide a brief summary of their graduate work via written report or presentation, depending on the scholarship. Scholarship awardees may also receive additional support from advisers as mentors in the field of conservation.

Learn how these scholarships are supporting Dragonfly students to further conservation and shared action in the fields of inclusion, diversity, environmental justice, and other related fields on our winners page.

Earth Expeditions student Amanda Badger on an EE trip to Kenya

"Maintaining the wild is a complex task requiring the work of many. I am thankful and proud to be the recipient of the Audubon Rosie Bloom Scholarship because it helped make traveling to Kenya more feasible." -Amanda Badger, EE Kenya 2014
Earth Expeditions student Shara Clark on an EE trip to Namibia

"This life-changing experience was more than I could have ever imagined. Besides the gorgeous views and seeing amazing animals in the wild, all that I learned about Namibia, its people, and the challenges they face are lessons that will stick with me for a lifetime." -Shara Clark, EE Namibia 2019

Scholarships include:

  • Rosie Bloom Scholarship
  • Dragonfly‘s Inquiry, Community, Voice Scholarship
  • José Pareja-Wendy Tori Scholarship
  • Carrie R. Wilson Memorial Scholarship
  • Summer Credit Workshop Study Abroad Scholarship 
  • T.K. Wilson-Hardy Eshbaugh Scholarship

Scholarship descriptions and application information is shared below and distributed by email to all current master’s level Dragonfly students. Applications are reviewed based on the scholarship description, creativity, and applicant academic performance. Availability of funds vary by year. Past awardees can apply again. However, they will have to show how their new application is different and above and beyond their first winning application. We hope you consider applying!

  • Applications open February 15
  • Due April 1
  • Awarded early May

If you are interested in becoming a scholarship donor, please contact Jill Korach at or contribute to our ongoing Dragonfly scholarship here.

Rosie Bloom Scholarship

Audubon Miami Valley logo 

The Audubon Miami Valley (AMV) has been a local chapter of the National Audubon Society in Butler and Preble county Ohio USA since 1976. AMV works to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

AMV in collaboration with Project Dragonfly, supports educators who live in the Miami River Valley USA and who advocate environmental stewardship and global understanding. The AMV Rosie Bloom Scholarship, named for local Audubon Society charter member and nature advocate Rosie Bloom, supports local educators who advocate environmental stewardship and global understanding. The AMV, in collaboration with Miami’s Project Dragonfly, has awarded over 26 partial scholarships to Dragonfly graduate students since 2009.

The AMV Rosie Bloom Scholarship helps supports Earth Expeditions (EE) field course and who live or work in the Audubon Miami Valley membership area. Please visit the link here to determine if you live or work in the areas that are eligible for this scholarship.

To apply for the Rosie Bloom Scholarship

Dragonfly’s Inquiry, Community, Voice Scholarship

Project Dragonfly logo 

Project Dragonfly programs work to inspire positive ecological and social change. Created in 2021, the Dragonfly scholarship supports Dragonfly students earning either a MA in Biology or a MAT in the Biological Sciences who are committed to furthering the fields of inclusion, diversity, environmental justice, and other related fields using innovative and relevant approaches to conservation. Priority will be given to students from historically underrepresented populations, including Black, Latinx, Native American, all abilities, and inclusive of gender identities. Allies are also welcome to apply.

Each award recipient (we expect to award 2 scholarships annually) receives up to $1000 toward their current graduate studies along with ongoing support from program advisers, student mentors, and peers. Awarded scholars will work with their graduate advisers to support their master’s project plans and how to best engage the Dragonfly network of support.

In 2022: Current Advanced Inquiry Program students may apply.

To apply for the Dragonfly Scholarship

José Pareja-Wendy Tori Scholarship

Logo for the José Pareja-Wendy Tori Scholarship 

The José Pareja-Wendy Tori Global Conservation and Field Scholarship is awarded to accepted master’s students in the Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) or Global Field Program (GFP) with a clear, demonstrated interest in conservation science, field studies or environmental education. This award will provide partial funding to be used for EE related costs. The award is made possible by José I. Pareja and Wendy P. Tori, natives of Peru, who were a part of the GFP/AIP team at its inception in 2008. Past winners are not eligible to receive scholarship grants. José was also one of the founding GFP/AIP team members and currently, they are both active faculty members of Earlham College. 

Drs. José I. Pareja and Wendy P. Tori, in collaboration with Miami’s Project Dragonfly, have awarded 15 partial scholarships since 2013. This scholarship is open to current Dragonfly students working toward their either the MA or MAT graduate degree.

To apply for the José Pareja-Wendy Tori Scholarship

Carrie R. Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Pelecanus In. logo. 

Pelecanus Inc., a non-profit organization co-founded by AIP graduate Austin Parker and his brother Taylor, created the Carrie R. Wilson Memorial Scholarship in 2021. Carrie Wilson, who served as Dean of Students of the University of San Diego Law School, believed in community inspiration through direct and intentional action, and this scholarship honors her memory as a “heartfelt gift to make the world a better place.” This $2000 scholarship will be awarded annually to one Dragonfly student each year.

To be eligible for this award, students must be actively enrolled in a Dragonfly graduate academic program (the AIP or the GFP), in good academic standing, and have completed a minimum of 3 credit hours. Applicants who contribute to growing diversity within the conservation sector (people of color, people with disabilities, and people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities) are strongly encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to students who demonstrate financial need.

To apply for the Carrie R. Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Global Initiatives Scholarship

Miami's Global Initiatives logo 

Miami’s Global Initiatives office supports Miami University’s commitment to dynamic and comprehensive internationalization and to diverse cultural and global learning experiences for students through the Summer Credit Workshop Study Abroad Scholarship. This $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a matriculated Miami student (in a master’s program) planning to study abroad during Summer Term. Dragonfly’s Earth Expeditions 5-credit summer course students with demonstrated need can apply.

Upon submission of a student’s registration for an Earth Expeditions course, Project Dragonfly provides a link to the Education Abroad application where you can choose to apply for this scholarship. To be considered for this scholarship, students will need to indicate “yes” on the Scholarship Questionnaire in the application and add a statement on financial need circumstances in the space provided. Additional information:

  • Selection of the recipient will be based on academic record and financial need.
  • Preference is given to students going on their first program abroad, and past recipients of the scholarship are not eligible. 
  • Scholarship funds are not transferable except in the case of a cancelled workshop. Should the workshop cancel, funds can be used toward a different Global Initiatives study abroad workshop in the same term. 

Questions about this scholarship should be directed to Karla Guinigundo, Global Partnerships Director, directly at 513-529-5622 or

T.K. Wilson-Hardy Eshbaugh Scholarship

Miami University logo 

This fund is possible in part due to Dr. T.K. Wilson, a leader in Bahamian floral biodiversity studies, and Dr. Hardy Eshbaugh, a pioneer in the field of ethnobotany (people’s use of plants) working in many global locations. These emeritus professors exemplify a model for what is possible in international scientific botanical research and global partnerships. This scholarship can be used toward relevant course costs.

The T.K. Wilson and W. Hardy Eshbaugh Scholarship is awarded to Dragonfly students in the AIP or the GFP who practice environmental research with a global focus and actively participating in globally-relevant botanical or conservation projects with 19 scholarships awarded since 2011.

To apply for the T.K. Wilson-Hardy Eshbaugh Scholarship