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Dragonfly Conversations Podcast

A metal dragonfly garden ornament.Hello and welcome to the Dragonfly Conversations podcast where we connect the inspiring stories of amazing people making ecological and social change in their local communities. Here at Project Dragonfly at Miami University, we want to highlight the stories of these everyday heroes in conservation and education, showcasing their achievements and how they overcome various challenges.

Dragonfly Diversity Cafe Virtual Talk and Discussions

Dean RegasDragonfly's nineteenth Diversity Cafe features Dean Regas. Dean is a renowned educator, author, national popularizer of astronomy and an expert in observational astronomy. Want to know the name of that star? How do I find constellations like Orion, Gemini, and Taurus? When can I see the planets? Based on his popular book, astronomer Dean Regas will show you the basic tips and tricks to identifying stars, constellations, planets, and more in the night sky. Plus he will outline how you can educate groups of people under the stars and throw the best star party in the universe. To view more information go to our Diversity Cafe page.

Dragonfly Diversity Cafes is a developing series of virtual talks focusing on international conservation, urban and rural ecology, inquiry-based education, nature connections, and other relevant topics. The cafes aim to elevate marginalized perspectives on diversity, equality, and inclusion-related topics in an environmental and conservation setting.

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IEV Podcast

iev birds 

This will be a six-episode series, with one podcast episode for each of the discussions in the Issues in Evolution course.

Hosted by Dr. Amy Sullivan, Assistant Teaching Professor, Project Dragonfly/Department of Biology at Miami University.

Have ideas or feedback on these podcasts? Feel free to contact Amy at

We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

Issues in Biodiversity Spring 2020 Podcast

Issues in Biodiversity Kevin

This will be a five-episode series, with one podcast episode for each of the five discussions in the Issues in Biodiversity course.

Hosted by Dr. Kevin Matteson, Associate Director of Masters Programs at Miami University.

Have ideas or feedback on these podcasts? Feel free to write Kevin at or leave a voice message at 513-529-0837.

We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

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Dragonfly Informational Webinars

Join us for an upcoming live webinar with Project Dragonfly staff and graduates! The presentation will include details on course work, program costs, how the program can benefit your career, application process details, and more. 

Time and Duration: ALL webinars start at 8pm EST. Duration is 30 minutes with additional time for Questions and Answers.

Grad School Professionalism 101 Webinars

Project Dragonfly have hosted many grad school professionalism webinars which cover topics ranging from "Impostor Syndrome in academia and beyond" and "Professionalism 101: How to Use LinkedIn." All these webinars can be found here!

Webinars for Current Master's Students

Project Dragonfly have hosted many webinars that provide details and respond to questions about the Global Field Program, the Advanced Inquiry Program, and Earth Expeditions. 

These webinars can be viewed here!