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Gates-Abegglen Theatre

The extensive use of the theatre as a laboratory classroom makes it difficult to "book in" other activities into the space. If you have an event that does not require lighting, sound, or a "clean" stage environment, please contact our tech director, Curtis Mortimore to discuss the availability of the space. It is always possible your event may fall in a time in which the space is free. 

  • If you represent a department interested in bringing in a small professional performance, we might also be interested in co-sponsoring the event with you.
  • During the summer months, the Theatre Department does not have full-time staff present to ensure the safety of those not experienced in the use of theatrical equipment or to be present during your event to cover liability. It is also the time we schedule the regular large-scale maintenance of our equipment to keep it in safe working order for our students and our staff.
  • A faculty or staff member of the Department of Theatre must be present whenever a group uses this space. You may be asked to cover the cost of this staff member while you are in the space.

Studio 88 Theatre

Studio 88 Theatre is a 90-95 seat flexible space theatre. Scheduling of the space recognizes the following priorities:

  1. MUT Theatre productions (rehearsal space, construction shop and performance space)
  2. Classroom (including rehearsal and performance functions of directing and performance classes)
  3. Independent credit-earning Student Projects (independent studies)
  4. Extra-Curricular, Co-Curricular or Non-Departmental Activities

MUT Productions

Season productions are those fully produced by the Department of Theatre. Scheduling of the space for the needs of season production is coordinated by the production manager to accommodate rehearsal time, construction, painting, hang, focus and level set.

Classroom Use

  • Performance events that are part of class but are not held during scheduled class time (directing scenes, showcase performances, etc) need to be scheduled by the course instructor through Curtis Mortimore.
  • If 88 is needed for class rehearsal space, the course instructor should schedule blocks of time with Sam, which will allow students to reserve space through Google Calendar.
  • For classroom activities, key access will be issued to those who need it.

Venue for Independent Student Projects

Any student wishing to use 88 for independent class projects may use the space provided the following criteria are met:

  • The project is part of the student’s academic coursework in theatre (an independent study or honors thesis)
  • The project has a theatre faculty sponsor
  • The production manager has been contacted for approval. Approval will be granted based on availability of space, production demands, and department staff schedules. Neither content nor subject matter will be a factor.

Venue for Extra-, Co- or Non-Departmental Activities

Any students or group wishing to use 88 for self-produced projects that are not connected to any class or independent study may use the space provided the following criteria are met:

  • The project has a faculty sponsor
  • The group has completed a contract with the theatre department, stipulating terms of use. A contract can be initiated by contacting Marly Wooster.

Students and other groups wishing to use Studio 88 for projects must understand:

  • MUT Productions and classes are prioritized.
  • Studio 88 is to be considered a load-in-load-out facility. It is a fully functioning classroom with many events regularly scheduled in it. You may not erect any permanent staging or scenic devices, nor may you store anything in the space. Anything you need for your project must be brought in with you when you arrive and taken with you when you leave for each rehearsal and performance. Depending on tech/performance schedules, it MAY be possible to leave items in the theatre between shows if multiple performances are scheduled.
  • Studio 88 Guidelines must be followed at all times. Failure to do so may result in revocation of space approval.
  • If you anticipate your show will be very popular, you should have a house manager posted to safeguard the capacity limit.
  • Being approved to use 88 does NOT grant you the right to use costumes, scenery, or props from the department’s stock, nor use of dressing/makeup rooms. Use of any of these must be arranged through the appropriate area supervisor.
  • Upon approval, the production manager will authorize key access to the student proposing the project and to the student coordinating lights.

Non-Departmental Groups

As with Gates Theatre, we do not have the staffing to provide theatrical lighting or sound for outside groups, but if your event needs only a bare stage and basic on/off lighting, please contact our tech director, Curtis Mortimore to discuss the availability of the space. The space is very small, so micing is usually not needed.

A faculty or staff member of the Department of Theatre must be present whenever a group uses this space. You may be asked to cover the cost of this staff member while you are in the space.

Hiestand 100

We also have a very intimate performance venue in Hiestand Hall: Hiestand 100. It is home to our directing courses, and to our Independent Artists Series. It seats up to 45 audience members.

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