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Theatre Specifications

Gates-Abegglen Theatre


Loading dock is located on the east side of the Center for Performing Arts, accessible via the Patterson Drive (HWY 27) entrance.

Dimensions of loading dock/theatre doorways: 6’-11” W x 7’-11” H (10’-6” diagonal)

Outer proscenium opening: 32’-11” W x 17’-11” H
Inner proscenium opening (plasterline): 34’-8” W x 20’-0” H
Plasterline to back wall: 35”- 2”
Plaster to front edge of stage: 3’-0”
Plaster to front end of orchestra lift: 13’-1”
Linesets: 38

Orchestra pit (spiral lift) can play at any level, but may not be operated during a performance.

Theatre is not trapped.


Lighting is dimmer per circuit
220 Dimmers 2.4K analog
61 Dimmers 1.2K analog
(circuit distribution is listed on Full Gates Specification download)
283-285 (6.0K) reserved for houselight control

Linesets 4, 5, 14, 21, 29 are dedicated electrics
Lineset 36 is dedicated Cyc electric

Control: ETC Ion



Soundcraft K3 (in house, primary use)

  • 24 mic/line
  • 8 stereo
  • 4 EFX returns
  • 8 AUX sends (pre/post switch)
  • 8 Groups outs
  • 12 Matrix outputs

Soundcraft Folio Rac-Pac (in house, auxiliary for pit)

  • 12 mic/line
  • 2 EFX returns
  • 3 AUX sends
  • 4 Group outs

Yamaha P-1800 (in booth, not used often)

  • 16 mic/line
  • 4 stereo EFX returns
  • 6 AUX sends (1&2 pre/post switchable)
  • 8 Group outs
  • Stereo out
  • 4 Matrix outputs



  • JBL 4671 15” Bass / 40X60 horn in Proscenium
    • Passive Crossovers at speakers
  • Altec-Lansing 604-E 15” 2-way in each Side Wall
    • Passive crossover
  • Altec-Lansing 604-E 15” 2-way in each Ceiling
    • Passive crossover
  • Altec-Lansing 604-E 15” 2-way in each Rear Wall
    • Passive crossover


  • 2 Altec-Lansing 1204B 15” bass / 40/60 horn
  • 2 Electro-Voice S-100 Stage monitors
  • 2 Hotspot monitors
  • 2 Yamaha BR12
  • 2 Community CPL27

Speaker Connection Points

(All use 2 prong twist connection)

SR Outer Proscenium
SR Inner Proscenium
SR Fly Gallery

SL Outer Proscenium
SL Inner Proscenium
SL Fly Gallery

US Right Rear Wall
US Left Rear Wall


6 JBL 6260 2 Ch (110w / chan @ 8 ohms) permanent in booth
2 Crown D-150 2 Ch (95w/ chan @ 8 ohms)

Available Processing

(Not all mounted)

4 Rane ME-30 third octave graphic equalizers (2 normal-thru to pro. Amps)
1 JBL 7922 1-in, 2-out digital delay
1 Yamaha REV-7 digital reverb (w/ remote)
1 dbx 160 compressor-limiter
1 Aphex EasyRider 2 chn. Compressor


1 Sony MDS-B1 Minidisk Recorder-Player (w/ wired remote)
1 Sony B-6 Minidisk Player
1 Marantz PMD-320 CD Player
1 Panasonic SV-3700 DAT Recorder-Player
1 Teac W-600R Duel Cassette Recorder-Player
1 Alesis 8-chan ADAT recorder


16 Shure U-1 UHF Bodypacks w/ Sennheiser MKE-2 Mics
3 Crown PCC-160
2 Sennheiser MD 421
2 Shure SM 58 (1 Beta)
1 Shure SM57-LC
1 Audio Technica P625
1 Shure RS130 (kept at console)
2 Audio Technica 4050
1 Whirlwind DI box

Auxiliary Facilities

  • Green room adjacent to backstage entrance. Green room is shared with performers in Souers Recital Hall
  • Dressing rooms are located in basement, accessible to backstage via stair or elevator.
  • Three dressing rooms available: men’s, women’s and a common room for dressing/makeup.
  • Men’s and women’s equipped with lavatory and shower.
  • Auxiliary areas fully equipped with intercom/monitor system


Studio 88

Studio 88 (Paul W. Zimmerman Experimental Theatre) is a black box theatre on the basement floor of the Center for the Performing Arts. There is currently one established audience configuration, a 3/4 thrust. The theatre is wheelchair accessible.


Be aware that you will need to navigate several right angles through public hallways to load in to theatre.

CPA Loading dock is located off the Patterson Drive (HWY 27) parking Lot.

Loading Dock Door Dimensions: 6’-8” W x 7’-10” H
Elevator to Basement Dimensions: 10’-0” W x 6’-11”H x 6’-10”D
Theatre Door Dimensions: 5’-2” W x 6’-11”H
Ramp to stage level is 3’-0” wide (wider trucking ramp can be ordered if needed)

Floor to Lighting Grid is 12’-6”


80 ETC Sensor dimmers
80 circuits
ETC Express 48/96 with wireless remote


Yamaha 1642 Mixer (16 chan., 2 groups, 3 aux.)
2 Amplifiers
2 JBL Control 1 speakers
8 Speaker Outputs (4 channels)
8 Mic Inputs (2 channels)
1 Rotel CD Player
1 Sony 5 CD Player
1 Cassette player

9 stations in theatre

Auxiliary Facilities

2 10-station dressing rooms with toilet and shower facilities
1 common 20-station dressing/makeup room

There is no monitor feed to dressing rooms from Studio 88
There is no private access to Studio 88 from the dressing room area
There is no “green room” area for Studio 88

Department of Theatre

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