AIMS Faculty Member, Eric Hodgson, awarded first place at Healthcare Simulation Conference

Special recognition given in the 6th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade and Showcase

IMS studentThe 6th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Environments (SG/VE) Arcade and Showcase, was held January 17-20 as part of the 2016 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) in San Diego, California. The largest and most trusted healthcare simulation conference awarded first place in the faculty division to three candidates, to include Miami University AIMS faculty member, Eric Hodgson. Hodgson collaborated with two Wright State professors, Sharon Farra and Sherrill Smith, on their exhibit entitled “Decontamination Training Delivered Using Virtual Reality.”

Hodgson describes the project stating, "the simulation immerses nursing students in a virtually examining room by using the Oculus Rift Head-Mounted Display, and lets them reach out and touch a digital patient with motion-tracked hand controllers. Students learn the very hands-on process of decontaminating a patient who's been exposed to radiation. The simulation has been used to teach students in Miami's nursing program, as well as Wright State and Cedarville University." Hodgson utilized Miami IMS undergraduate students Brian Niebecker, Theodora Holloway, and Tristan Carkuff in helping to build early drafts of the simulation and develop the motion-tracking interface. 

game awardAs the Smale Center Director and an AIMS Instructor at Miami University, Hodgson’s primary research relates to human spatial ability, including spatial memory, perception, reference frames, landmark use, and navigation. Because this work often includes the construction and use of virtual environments for people to navigate within, he also conducts applied research relate to immersive virtual reality and motion tracking. 

SG/VE Arcade and Showcase provides an environment where users of virtual and game-based technology can collaborate and network with students, clinicians, educators, and start-ups, as well as small and large established companies.

Entries were judged based on innovation, implementation of technology, game elements, the vision for how the game/virtual environment can impact education in the health professions, and the presentation of the idea at the showcase. Based on these criteria, several entries were singled out from the crowded field of excellent presentations for special recognition by a panel of judges.

Congratulations Eric!

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