The 2020 President's DEI task force settled on a total of 43 recommendations from five different pillars: dialogue and allyship, cultural consciousness, advocacy and partnerships, structural and resource support, and inclusion and accountability. The recommendations are both bold and feasible. We believe that these recommendations will help move the needle on helping Miami become a more welcoming and inclusive community for all members.

We want to unequivocally state that this group of recommendations is not exhaustive. A total group of approximately 75 individuals, representing a wide range of campus constituencies came together and had meaningful discussions and debates about what is needed to advance DEI here at Miami. The recommendations above are the result of distilled down and refined processes needed to articulate clear and measurable DEI related change. We know that even among the approximately 75 individuals that participated in these processes, we had biases and misperceptions. So we look forward to your involvement at some level (e.g., department, college, division, etc.) to help put forward new, or modify our existing, recommendations.

Though we have 43 total recommendations, we also recognize that some of the recommendations overlap with others, creating an imbalance. We hope that you are understanding of, and patient with, the various individuals, offices, and entities who may be accountable for multiple recommendations (e.g., Liberal Education and Global Miami change) or those that require complex collaboration that needs time (e.g., department of family science and social work collaboration with Miami University and Oxford PD).

Finally, we hope that your criticisms and displeasures with our recommendation are sensitive to the fact that the approximately 75 individuals working on this task force sacrificed a lot of personal and professional time to put into this work. Even more mind-blowing, this report came together in just under 8 weeks! We, co-chairs, are greatly appreciative of the time, commitment, and efforts of each person who worked with this task force and are honored and humbled to have served as leaders in that effort. Know that this work will continue and that there are opportunities to continually recommend ways to make our community more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Thanks for your trust and patience. Let’s get to work.

Love and honor,
Vicka Bell-Robinson and Anthony James