DEI Implementation Team

Co-Chairs of the Committee

Vicka Bell-Robinson (Student Life)

Anthony James (Institutional Diversity)


  • Sonie Ross (Regionals)
  • Jillian Campagna (Undergraduate Student, Art)
  • Amitoj Kaur (Undergraduate Student, Political Science, ETB+D)
  • Will Kulis (Undergraduate Student, Marketing, Entrepreneurship)
  • Akash Radhakrishnan (Undergraduate Student, Quantitative Economics)
  • Amy Shaiman (University Advancement)
  • Fabienne Bohon (Finance and Business Services)
  • Denise Baszile (Education, Health and Society)
  • Leighton Peterson (Anthropology)
  • Sara Acevedo Espinal (Ed Psych/Disability Studies)
  • Jim Shively (Education, Health and Society)
  • Todd Stuart (College of Creative Arts)
  • Kara Strass (Myaamia Center)
  • Stephanie Dawson (Student Disability Services)
  • Nloh Masango-Dibo (Student Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Cheryl Young (Global Initiatives)
  • Jon Simon (University Communications and Marketing)
  • Valerie Robinson (Graduate School)
  • Natalee Price (Graduate Student, Psychology)
  • Tristen Hall (Graduate Student, Student Affairs in Higher Education)
  • Eboney Kimbrough (IT Services)
  • Karen Wilson (Human Resources)
  • Darryl Rice (Management)
  • Spencer Izor (University Advancement)
  • Mark Taylor (Finance and Business Services)
  • Tarah Trueblood (American and World Cultures)
  • Seth Seward (University Advancement)
  • Kenya Ash (Equity and Equal Opportunity)