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Physician Associate Kinesiology

Meet Alaina

Meet Alaina, a Kinesiology major and Pre-Physicians Associate Studies co-major from Hilliard, Ohio (Hilliard Bradley High School), and learn about her experience at Miami University.

Physician Associate Kinesiology

Meet Alaina

Favorite space on campus:

The Amphitheater on Western Campus

Why Miami?

While I could see myself attending school at many universities, Miami is the only place where I could see myself thriving in all aspects of life.

What advice you would give to your first-year self?

Step outside of your comfort zone, you'll never know who you could be if you don't give yourself the opportunities to grow.

Tell us something about your major:

The best thing about my major is how hands-on it is. I am constantly using real-life movement to fuel my learning and I have access to amazing resources.

Student organizations/activities:

  • Exercise is Medicine - On Campus
  • MEDlife
  • Pre-PA club
  • Education, Health, and Society Ambassador
  • Honors Ambassador

Study abroad experience:

I am super excited to study abroad in Luxembourg Fall of 2023.

Who has been your favorite professor and why?

My favorite professor so far is Tracey Haynes. She explains topics very clearly and welcomes questions, but she also asks for student feedback on her teaching to make sure the whole class is being catered to in terms of fully digesting the material.