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Primary Education

Meet Allie

Meet Allie, a Primary Education major from Elmhurst, Illinois (York Community High School), and learn about her experience at Miami University.

Primary Education

Meet Allie

Favorite space on campus:

My favorite space on campus is definitely the outdoor study spots all around campus. When the weather is nice, studying outside and getting a view of the amazing campus is unreal! With such a beautiful campus, being able to get work done outside and also take in campus life is the best.

Why Miami?

I fell in love with Miami the second my tour began. The campus itself is GORGEOUS but the size was also very doable. Everywhere is walkable, and although there are a large number of students, classes are small and organizations made the campus feel even smaller and close-knit.

What advice you would give to your first-year self?

Join clubs and put yourself out there! As cliché as it sounds it is so important in order to make Miami feel more like home. You'll have familiar faces everywhere, and if you are feeling down, there is always someone you'll run into around campus.

Tell us something about your major:

Education is a lot of work! It may be seen by your high school peers as an easy major, and you just play with kids all day but be prepared to work hard and learn a lot of cool information that you'll get to incorporate into your future classroom!

Student organizations/activities:

  • Chi Omega sorority
  • EHS Ambassadors
  • Paws With A Cause

Who has been your favorite professor and why?

My favorite professor by far is Dr. Michelle Cosmah. She has such a calming presence to her. She was also an elementary teacher herself for many years, so she incorporates her experiences into her teaching a lot to help us all in our future classrooms.