BEYOND READY CQ Minors, Thematic Sequences and Certificates

All Miami University students must complete a thematic sequence as part of the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education. A Thematic Sequence is a series of related courses (usually three) that focuses on a theme or subject in a developmental way. Each course builds or expands upon knowledge or perspective gained from preceding courses, and some sequences prepare students for Capstone experiences.  Given that Farmer School of Business students must their Thematic Sequence outside of the Farmer School, it provides the perfect opportunity for students to take a pragmatic set of courses designed to develop their cultural intelligence. Additionally, many Farmer School student choose to complete a minor, which is a more expansive program that is taken along with a major to complement your skills and increase your career opportunities. Finally, Miami University offers students the opportunity to complete programmatic certificates that will enhance cultural intelligence.


Thematic Sequences

  • AMS 1 Global and Intercultural Perspectives
  • AMS 2 Popular Culture and Intercultural Analysis
  • ATH 3 World Cultures
  • ATH 4 World Cultures, Policy, and Ecology
  • ATH 5 World Cultures and Social Relations
  • BWS 1 Africa: Culture/Power/History
  • CHI 1 Developing Language Skills in Chinese
  • CIT 1 Social and Global Computing
  • CJS 1 Race and Criminal Justice
  • DST 1 Disability Studies
  • EDL 2 Critical Youth Studies
  • EDP 1 Cultural Patterns in Education and the Law Affecting Persons with Disability
  • EDT 1 Exploring STEM in Society
  • EGS 1 Writing for Diverse Contexts
  • ENG 2 Women and Literature
  • ENG 3 American Life and Culture Since World War II
  • ENG 8 African American History and Literature
  • FSW 3 Families and Sexuality Across the Life Course
  • FSW 4 Children in Families
  • FSW 6 Social Inequality and Social Welfare for Diverse Families and Groups
  • GEO 4 Global Forces in Regional Contexts
  • GER 3 Developing Language Skills in German
  • GTY 2 Aging in Diverse Contexts
  • GTY 3 Health and Aging
  • GTY 4 Aging and Policy
  • LAS 3 Latino Studies: Cultures and Histories of Latinos in the United States
  • LED 1 Urban Culture and Service-Learning
  • PHL 1 Ethics
  • PSY 1 Perspectives on Psychopathology
  • PSY 5 Cognition: Understanding and Improving Thought
  • REL 1 Religion and American Life
  • REL 2 Historical and Comparative Study of Religion
  • SDT 1 Self-Designed Thematic Sequence
  • SJS 1 Social Justice and Inequalities
  • SJS 2 Social Justice, Law and Crime
  • SOC 4 Sociological Perspectives on Criminality and Deviance
  • SOC 5 Gender and Family Issues
  • SOC 6 Medical Sociology
  • SPA 2 Exploring Social, Emotional, and Communication Consequences in Special Populations
  • SPN 1 Literature and Culture in Spain
  • SPN 2 Literature and Culture in Spanish America
  • WGS 1 Gender in Global Context
  • WGS 2 Scholarly Studies of Gender and Sexuality