Center for KICKGLASS Change

Center for KickGlass Change


The Center for KICKGLASS Change was developed in the spirit of Miami University's new MiamiRISE strategic plan, which seeks to blaze a trail forward. It calls for bold and brave actions that drive  transformational change to guide Miami through unprecedented volatility in higher education. It states that now is the time for Miami to:

Shatter Expectations   |   Pursue Success Fearlessly |  Choose Action Over Delay

To answer this call, the Center for KICKGLASS Change harnesses the innovation, expertise, and resources of the Farmer School of Business and the Department of Emerging Technology in Business and Design in the College of Creative Arts. It operates at the intersection of Diversity and Inclusion, Future Work Skills, Technological Advancement, and Transdisciplinarity to promote social change - a blue ocean space, especially for higher education. The interdisciplinary Center for KICKGLASS Change is based in the Farmer School of Business to provide social change programming to all Miami University students, faculty and staff, with additional use of technology to offer Executive Education and credentials to non-Miami participants. The Farmer School of Business provides a professional platform for the Center’s high-tech/ high-touch, building the Center’s initiatives on the model of BQ Model of Future Work Skills that was the foundation of the Farmer School’s First-year Integrated Core and the new BEYOND READY CQ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion skills program.

The Department of Emerging Technology in Business + Design allows the Center to address the structural and individual bias that is baked-in to technology, the confirmation bias of social media, and the lack of minority representation in tech-related industries.  The Center will also leverage technology, such as virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and virtual conferencing to break down psychological and geographical barriers to diversity and inclusion.   The KICKGLASS LEADERS program will have a specific focus on careers in technology to increase minority representation in technology-related industries. The Center will leverage ETBD’s residential Digital Innovation Centers in San Francisco, Cincinnati and Luxembourg and ETBD’s internship program.  Once established, the Center for KICKGLASS Change will be a permanent hub within  the newly-formed Armstrong Institute for Innovation and Emerging Technology (AI). AI is responsible for advancing technology-driven innovation and disruption across all academic programs/divisions, university offices, and spaces & buildings.


The Center’s mission is to:

  • Enhance individual and organizational CULTURE INTELLIGENCE [adaptability to Cultural difference] within the Farmer School of Business and across Miami University.
  • Provide our students (and external participants) with the INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP SKILLS desired by employers by shifting from awareness to empathy, and actively demonstrating inclusive leadership behaviors.
  • Develop AGENTS OF SOCIAL CHANGE by providing perspective-taking and empathy through experiential learning and cultural immersion, empowering the majority to use their voice to stand up for what’s right, and act strategically to drive social change.
  • Provide Miami University’s underrepresented undergraduate and PMBA students (students of color, women, and LGBTQ+) with preparation to ADVANCE TO LEADERSHIP in a variety of industries, with a focus on increasing representation in tech-related industries.

KICKGLASS Programming

The Center for KICKGLASS Change provides individuals with the knowledge, perspectives and skills needed to create systemic social change in the workplace, marketplace, and broader society through a variety of offerings designed for members of majority and minority cultures. Social change is defined as changes in human interactions and relationships that transform cultural and social institutions. By this definition, social change work must begin at the individual level to build a foundation for systemic change.  

This year, KICKGLASS launched the CQ FOUNDATIONS program for all 1400 first-year Farmer School of Business students. Fall 2021 will see the launch of KICKGLASS SKILLS micro-credentials and the GLASSKICKERS and CHANGEMAKERS programs. KICKGLASS is collaborating with a number of technology-driven organizations to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of equality and social change.

CQ Foundations

The CQ FOUNDATIONS micro-credential builds on the Farmer School’s BEYOND READY CQ first-year initiative to provide all Farmer School of Business students, faculty, and staff with a developmental pathway to Cultural Intelligence. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is an individual’s capability to adapt and function effectively in different cultural environments and situations characterized by cultural diversity. Culturally intelligent people understand what makes their own culture unique, how it influences their way of seeing the world, and how it can impact the way they judge and interact with people who are different. 

The CQ FOUNDATIONS micro-credential develops self-awareness using Miami University’s EdX Professional platform to offer participants  a CQ assessment, multi-media learning about various aspects of Cultural Intelligence, self-reflection, and the creation of a four-year CQ Development plan. All Farmer School students will be reassess their CQ prior to going on the job market so that they can communicate their BEYONDREADY CQ score to future employers.


The GLASSKICKERS program will provide Miami University’s underrepresented undergraduate and PMBA students (students of color, women, and LGBTQ+) with preparation to advance to leadership in a variety of industries.  GLASSKICKERS will receive scholarships to complete all  KICKGLASS SKILLS credentials at no cost. Advancement activities will have a specific focus on careers in technology to increase minority representation in technology-related industries. GLASSKICKERS will also receive scholarships to participate in ETBD’s residential Digital Innovation Centers in San Francisco, Cincinnati and Luxembourg. GLASSKICKERS will also have the opportunity to join ETBD’s internship program. These students will coordinate the GLASSKICKERS FORUM, a diversity-related expert series. The Farmer School’s Professional MBA will offer a PMBA GLASSKICKERS program for minority participants in the workforce. PMBA GLASSKICKERS will serve as mentors to undergraduate GLASSKICKERS.  


The KICKGLASS CHANGE program provides opportunities for “majority” students to become agents of social change through empowerment to use their voice, experiential learning within difference and full immersion to understand the experience of minorities.  The KICKGLASS LEADERS Senior cohort will include students from both programs.

KICKGLASS Skills Credentials

KICKGLASS Skills Credentials will focus on developing open-minded leaders, of all identity intersectionalities, who enter the workforce with the tools to mitigate individual and structural bias and the empathy to include and unite. These workshops will develop Cultural Intelligence and Inclusion skills organized around the four CQ Dimensions to a variety of stakeholders.  The Center will offer Virtual Reality training that places the learner in a real-life situation to identify bias and develop empathy and allyship through perspective-taking. KICKGLASS Credentials will also focus on the intersection of Diversity and Inclusion with vital work skills including collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership and can be scaffolded for certificates. Learn more

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