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MSBA Program Curriculum

The MSBA is 10-month, 30-credit hour program designed to be completed full-time over one academic year.


The MSBA program is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in any field from an accredited four-year university. In order to complete the MSBA degree in the 10-month timeframe, students will need the following common body of knowledge in analytics:

  • A college level course in introductory statistics
  • A college level course (full semester) in regression analysis
  • College level mathematics in pre-calculus, matrix algebra, and calculus concepts
  • A college level course that includes Structured Query Language and Programming (any language)

Students who do not have the necessary prerequisites can take the required courses online in the summer term prior to entering the MSBA program through the Undergraduate Certificate in Foundations of Business Analytics. Students may take as many of these courses as necessary to complete the common body of knowledge in analytics

Some or all of the prerequisite courses may be waived at time of admission for those who have completed equivalent courses in their undergraduate education or who can demonstrate proficiency. Applicants must have earned a minimum grade of C in each prerequisite course and a 3.0 grade point average or higher (on a 4.0 scale) for all of them.

MSBA Coursework

Term Course Credit Hours
Fall Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (ISA 512) 3
Fall Managing Big Data (ISA 514) 3
Fall Introduction to Data Mining in Business (ISA 591) 3
Fall Communicating with Data (ISA 616) 3
Winter Business Analytics Practicum (ISA 650) 3
Spring Machine Learning Applications in Business (ISA 630) 3
Spring Big Data Analytics and Modern AI (ISA 632) 3
Spring Prescriptive Analytics in Business (ISA 633) 3
Spring Analytics Solution Deployment and Lifecycle Management (ISA 634) 3
Spring Business Analytics Practicum (ISA 650) 3

Note: Current Miami students pursuing undergraduate programs in Information Systems or Analytics may take up to two of the 500 level courses before enrolling in the MSBA program.

Graduate Certificates in Business Analytics

Upon completion of the first semester of courses (12-hours, 4 courses), students will receive a Graduate Certificate in Analytics.

Upon completion of the second semester of courses, excluding the Business Analytics Practicum, students will receive a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Analytics.