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MSBA Program Curriculum

The MSBA is 9-month, 30-credit hour program designed to be completed full-time over one academic year.

MSBA Coursework

MSBA Coursework
Term Course Credit Hours
Fall Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (ISA 512) 3
Fall Managing Big Data (ISA 514) 3
Fall Introduction to Data Mining in Business (ISA 591) 3
Fall Communicating with Data (ISA 616) 3
Winter Business Analytics Practicum (ISA 650) 3
Spring Machine Learning Applications in Business (ISA 630) 3
Spring Big Data Analytics and Modern AI (ISA 632) 3
Spring Prescriptive Analytics in Business (ISA 633) 3
Spring Analytics Solution Deployment and Lifecycle Management (ISA 634) 3
Spring Business Analytics Practicum (ISA 650) 3

Note: Current Miami students pursuing undergraduate programs in Information Systems or Analytics may take up to two of the 500 level courses before enrolling in the MSBA program.

Graduate Certificates in Business Analytics

Analytics Graduate Certificate

The Analytics Graduate Certificate builds on the foundations that are established in the Foundations of Business Analytics Undergraduate Certificate or similar coursework. Students will become more versed in data driven decision making with additional data manipulation and retrieval knowledge in both structured and unstructured data as well as hands on knowledge of predictive modeling tools and techniques. The program also has a focus on communicating and storytelling with data. 

Graduate Certificate in Analytics

Advanced Business Analytics Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Analytics builds upon the Graduate Certificate in Analytics and is an immersive four-course sequence into leading methods and technologies in applied analytics.  Students will develop skills in machine learning applications in organizational settings, the forefronts of prescriptive methodologies, and applications of artificial intelligence. Students will also engage with practitioners about how analytic solutions are deployed and put to practice in organizations. 

Upon completion of the second semester of courses, excluding the Business Analytics Practicum, students will receive a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Analytics.

Graduate Certificate in Advanced Business Analytics

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