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Medical Reduced Course Load

Application Procedure

  1. Schedule an appointment with an ISSS Advisor.
  2. Download the ISSS Medical Reduced Course Load Provider Recommendation.
  3. Schedule an appointment with your medical provider. Due to government regulations, your medical provider must be a licensed medical doctor, psychiatrist, doctor of osteopathy, licensed psychologist, or clinical psychologist based in the United States.
    • Most students obtain documentation from Miami University Student Counseling Service or Student Health Services. If you are pursuing care from a medical provider not affiliated with Miami University, your medical provider must provide valid contact information. ISSS reserves the right to contact your medical provider if there are questions and verify your request.
    • Your medical provider must complete the ISSS Medical Reduced Course Load Provider Recommendation. Providers may return the form to you or email it to ISSS.
    • As a reminder, you are pursuing this benefit based on the assertion you are experiencing a serious medical condition. As a result, you are encouraged to discuss and pursue ongoing treatment with your medical provider. Your medical provider may also require that you meet several times before completion of the forms. Please allow time for this process.
  4. Complete the Reduced Course Load Request in InterLink:
    1. Log in to InterLink.
    2. Navigate to F-1 Student Services.
    3. Click Reduced Course Load e-form.
    4. Select "Illness or Medical Condition" as the reason and complete the form.
    5. If your medical provider returned the completed ISSS Medical Reduced Course Load Provider Recommendation form to you, upload it in the e-form.

Your request will be reviewed. Although support from a medical provider is required, final authorization for a Medical Reduced Course Load must come from ISSS. You will be notified of the decision by email. If approved, please note the approval is for the requested term only.

If you are ready to return to a full course load for the next semester, you do not need to notify ISSS.

If you feel that you need a further Reduced Course Load authorization for a future semester, you must repeat steps 1 - 4 above and obtain another authorization from ISSS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline to pursue Medical Reduced Course Load?

Yes, students must keep in mind the deadlines for dropping a course and receiving a “W” on their transcript. These dates can be found on the Academic Calendars.

What will happen if I drop below full-time and have not obtained authorization for a Reduced Course Load?

If you drop below full-time enrollment without authorization for an RCL, you will be in danger of losing your legal status. Generally, you will be given a short period of time (no more than 21 days) to add credits to bring your total back up to the required minimum (12 credits for undergraduate students and 9 for graduate students). If you fail to do so, your SEVIS record will be terminated and you will lose your legal status. You will be expected to depart the U.S. immediately or apply for (if eligible). Review options for regaining status.

I am pursuing Medical Reduced Course Load for a summer or winter term. Does this count toward my 12 months?

If you are a continuing student who has maintained your legal status, no, it does not. Generally, enrollment is not required during break periods such as summer or winter term. If you are a new student or returning student, please consult with ISSS.

Can I work on campus when I have an RCL?

Immigration regulations do not prohibit you from working on campus during a period of an authorized RCL. However, you will need to think seriously about your ability to spend time working on campus. If you have medical or mental health issues, it may be difficult or impossible for you to work. In addition, Miami University policies require students to be enrolled in a certain number of credits in order to be eligible to work on campus. For more information, contact the Student Employment or Academic Personnel offices.

Do I have access to university facilities like Counseling, Health Services, or the gym when I'm approved for Medical Reduced Course Load?

Any student currently enrolled in at least one credit hour is eligible to receive services from Student Counseling and Student Health. To confirm the policy regarding access to other services, please check with the relevant offices.

I currently live on campus. Can I continue to live on campus after my Medical Reduced Course Load is approved?

Yes. Housing policy requires that students register for at least 9 credit hours to be eligible for on-campus housing. However, if you drop below 9 credit hours during the semester for medical reasons, you will be permitted to remain in your housing that semester. If your Medical Reduced Course Load extends beyond one semester and you plan to take fewer than 9 credit hours, Campus Services will permit you to continue to live on campus if you are in communication with ISSS and their office about your plans.

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