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Missed Paycheck

You may miss a paycheck for a number of reasons (e.g., unpaid leave or work schedule less than 12 months). When you miss a paycheck, you also miss benefit premiums, which you will need to pay later. Review the common situations and the options available to you.

Medical Leave, Personal Leave, and Workers' Compensation

If you plan to take leave (or stop working and take pay through work injury/worker' compensation rather than through Miami), you will miss payments of your premiums. You should request leave as soon as possible. The following leaves have specific request processes:

Once your leave is approved by the University (or you submit and receive approval from the Bureau of Workers' Compensation for a workers' compensation claim), the Benefits staff will receive your return date. We can then calculate the amount of pays and premiums you will miss and send a letter with payment options. Your benefits will continue (per University policy) as long as your premiums are paid to-date.

If you miss only one month or two biweekly pays (or less), you can pay for the missed premiums through your payroll when you return. Your premium deductions will double for the next paycheck (or two paychecks, if you are paid biweekly).

If your leave is longer than one month, you can pay by personal check (either as monthly installments or the total amount of missed premiums).

Schedules or Contracts Less Than 12 Months

If your contract or schedule is less than 12 months, when you enter unpaid status, the Benefits staff calculates the amount of pays and premiums you will miss and sends a letter with payment options. Your premium deductions will double when you return to paid status for the next paycheck (or two paychecks, if you are paid biweekly).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unable to pay the amount when it is due?

Contact the Benefits office as soon as possible to set up an alternative payment plan.

What if I do not make a payment on time?

If payment is not received by the due date, your benefits will be terminated at the end of the month in which the payment was due.

What if doubling my premiums will result in a very small paycheck?

Sometimes you may return in the middle of a pay period. When this happens, not all of your premium deductions will be doubled on your first paycheck. We will spread the deductions over the next few paychecks.

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