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The EquatIO toolbar

equatio toolbar

  • The Equatio editor allows you to type math expressions into the editor directly. The prediction feature makes entering common math and chemistry expressions quicker and more accurate.
  • Equatio understands input in LaTeX, the typesetting and mark-up language that’s widely used for mathematical and scientific documents and publications. The LaTex editor allows people to enter code and Equatio provides alternative outputs including MathML which is accessible to screen readers, and as spoken text which can be used as alternative text for math expressions inserted as images.
  • The handwriting recognition option in the Equatio toolbar lets you write math expressions with a mouse or stylus (on touch devices). Equatio converts the writing to digital math quickly and easily.
  • The speech input option lets you speak math. Equatio converts it to a digital expression that is ready to insert into your document.
  • The graph editor leverages the power of the Desmos HTML5 graphing calculator to make math visual. Enter an expression and see it plotted instantly.
  • Equatio mobile uses math optical character recognition (OCR), handwriting and speech input on your mobile device to insert math expressions into any document.
  • The Equatio screenshot reader lets you turn any inaccessible equation on the web into accessible, editable math and automatically reads it aloud. This powerful feature supports UDL principles by providing an alternative modality to comprehend math. Once converted, you can also copy the MathML of the equation, which can then be pasted directly into the Equatio equation editor for edits or insertion into your document.

Introducing Equatio® - Make Math Digital. Make Math Together.

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