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Master of Esports Management Curriculum

Gain a foundational understanding of esports and sports management, then develop a specialization in select areas of sports management. Apply your knowledge in a culminating esports event practicum or internship.

Program Sequence

The Master of Esports Management degree requires 30 credit hours and provides a comprehensive understanding of the esports ecosystem and best practices for management and leadership positions within the esports industry. Courses are offered during the fall and spring semester, a January term, and a summer session so that you can complete the degree program in one year. 

Enroll as a full-time or part-time student. To complete the program in one year, you'll complete 12 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters and an additional six credit hours in the summer session. You can also choose to take two credit hours in the winter and four credit hours in the summer.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Interpret and explain the managerial and promotional principles, ecosystem, governance structure specific to the esports industry.
  2. Identify, articulate, and analyze social, economic, and cultural impacts of the esports on the gaming, sport and business environments.
  3. Critically examine esports management issues and explain and demonstrate ethical best practices in the decision-making process.
  4. Develop a diverse set of skills in economics, business, marketing, broadcasting, coaching, and event management used for developing a successful career in esports management.
  5. Plan, organize, execute, and evaluate an esports event through employing principles of strategic planning, marketing, public relations, and financial management.


Required core courses for degree 

IMS 570 Introduction to Esports (2 credit hours)

IMS 571 Esports Broadcasting (2)

IMS 572 Esports Event Management (2)

IMS 573 The Business of Esports (2)

IMS 574 Special Topics in Esports (2)

IMS 575 Esports Brand Management (2)

SLM 635 Strategic Management of Sport Organizations (3)

SLM 636 Sport Communities & Public Relations (3)

SPECIALIZATION: Select 2 Courses 

SLM 513 Sport Economics (3) 

SLM 517 Legal Issues in Sport Leadership and Management (3)

SLM 545 Esports Performance Psychology and Coaching (3)

SLM 548 Global Sport Perspectives (3)

SLM 572 Sport Administration (3)

CULMINATION: Select 6 credit hours 

IMS 576 Esports Event Practicum (3-6)

SLM 640 Internship (3-6)

Total credit hours: 30