Chemical Safety

Miami University is a Large Quantity Generator of "hazardous waste" as defined by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. If you are working with chemicals in any way, you should review all training and guides below. 


All students, faculty, and staff who handle, or generate, chemical wastes should undergo this training and a certificate can be printed for anyone that completes the training.

Chemical Waste Training

Chemical Hygiene

The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) provides guidance to personnel working in laboratories at Miami University where hazardous chemicals are used or stored. 

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Safety Data Sheets

Chemwatch provides access to a database containing over 20 million Safety Data Sheets and allows you to keep track of what chemicals are stored where.



The Waste Management Guide has been developed to assist university personnel in the proper handling and disposal of chemical wastes generated in laboratories and other university work areas. 

Waste Management