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Personal Leave
Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?  Classified Staff Policy Personal leave may be granted to  a full-time classified staff member to make a public service contribution; to pursue a program of formal study; or for personal or health reasons. Personal leave may only be taken on a fulltime basis. The duration of such a leave m
Opting Out of Provisions of the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code and Corresponding Regulations
This policy designates the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code and corresponding regulations that the University has opted out of. 
Definition of Unclassified and Classified Service
This policy defines classified service employees.
Recruitment, Selection, and Appointment
This policy governs the recruitment, selection and appointment of classified employees.
Classification and Pay Program Policies and Procedures
The University shall establish, and may modify or rescind, a job classification and pay plan for all positions in the classified civil service at Miami University. The University shall group jobs within a classification so that the positions are similar enough in duties and responsibilities to be described by the same title, to have the same pay assigned, and to have the same level of qualifications for selection applied. In some cases, the physical requirements for a classification may vary based upon the essential duties assigned within the work unit.
Reductions in Force
This policy governs reductions in force (layoffs).
Holidays, Standard Work Week, Overtime Pay, and Compensatory Time
This policy defines full-time employment, establishes the University's standard work week and governs holiday and overtime pay. The policy also governs the compensatory time program.
Classified Staff | Vacation Leave
This policy governs the accrual and use of vacation time for classified employees.
This policy governs the grounds and process for disciplining members of the classified staff.
This policy governs the attendance and absence of classified staff.
Classified Staff | Sick Leave
This policy governs the accrual and use of sick leave.
Classified Staff | Furlough
This policy provides for mandatory furloughs of employees, to achieve spending reductions necessitated by institutional budget deficits.
Flexible Schedule Program
This policy establishes regular working hours ( 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday during the academic year and 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday during the summer.) The policy also authorizes supervisors to consider requests for flexible schedules. Flexible schedules must be pre-approved by supervisors and the appropriate personnel office. Flexible schedules must meet the business needs of the operation.
Meal Time
This policy requires that classified employees receive a one-hour meal break for every eight (8) hours worked, to be coordinated with your supervisor. Meal breaks are not paid time.
Break Periods
This policy governs break periods for classified staff.
This policy authorizes departments to require a uniform for some employees or establish a dress code. All other employees are required to employ reasonable standards of appropriate dress. 
Annual Performance Report
This policy governs the evaluation of classified staff.
Annual Performance Evaluation
This policy governs the evaluation of classified staff.
Resignation and Exit Interview
This policy governs resignations and exit interviews for classified staff.
Direct Deposit
This policy requires the direct deposit of pay for all employees.
Pay Periods
This policy establishes the pay period for classified employees. Classified employee, are paid on a biweekly schedule, which begins on Saturday and ends on Friday, 14 days later.
Kronos Time and Attendance System
This policy requires classified employees to accurately record their hours worked using the Kronos automated time-entry system.
Time and Attendance System
This policy requires classified employees to accurately record their hours worked using the University automated time-entry system.