Who is eligible to receive services at Student Health Services (SHS)?

Any Oxford or regional campus Miami student who is registered for at least one class. You do not need to purchase the student health insurance plan to be seen at SHS.

Do I need an appointment?

SHS does operate by appointment. The best way to schedule an appointment with SHS is to call the clinic at 513-529-3000, option 1.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

You will need to bring a legal photo ID, which would include a valid driver’s license, passport, or state issued photo ID. We can only accept a Miami ID if it includes your full given name at birth as well as your date of birth.

You will also need to bring a physical current medical insurance card OR a printed photo of the front and back of your current medical insurance card. A physical copy is needed to scan into the TriHealth medical record to verify eligibility for service and ensure proper billing.

Be prepared to pay any co-pay you may have through your insurance at the time of check-in. Payments can be made by check, credit card, FSA or HSA card, or cash.

Will the Aetna student health insurance cover charges at Student Health Services?

Yes. The student health insurance will cover routine charges for services at SHS-the standard medical care provided for illness or injury after the deductible is met. There is some coverage for wellness services.

More information about the student health insurance coverage is provided at aetnastudenthealth.com or you can also reach our Aetna student health representative by calling 513-529-3000, option 3.

Will my own medical insurance cover charges at Student Health Services? 

Maybe. If you do not use the Aetna student health insurance, you should call your insurance company to verify that TriHealth at Miami University is a covered provider.

Is there a difference in service provided for students who have the student health insurance versus students who do not?

No. The care provided for eligible students is the same regardless of their insurance coverage.

How do I get  to Student Health Services? 

The temporary address for SHS is 500 Harris Dr. Oxford, OH 45056. We are located very close to the Rec Center so if you are too sick to walk then you could take the bus route with the closest drop off. Parking may be limited.

Is there a pharmacy on campus?

No. Students are encouraged to use any of the local pharmacies located just off campus in Oxford using the list below:

  • CVS: 123 W Spring St., 513-523-6378
  • Walgreens: 200 S Locust St., 513-523-4683
  • Kroger: 300 S Locust St., 513-523-7323
  • Walmart: 5720 College Corner Pike, 513-524-3744

If I am treated at SHS will my parents be notified? Can my parents get a copy of my SHS charges?

If you are over 18 years, we must have your written permission to release any of your medical records, including billing statements. See Medical Records for more information.

If the situation is serious and you are in the company of the clinician, you can give verbal permission for your parents to be contacted. Otherwise, the visits are part of your medical record and remain confidential. The same applies to conversations with the clinician about your treatment-your permission is required for such information to be released.

What if I take allergy shots, or need the service of a medical specialist not available at Student Health Services?

We make referrals to the appropriate specialist for any services we are unable to provide.

Where do I go when Student Health Services is closed and I need medical treatment?

Visit McCullough-Hyde Hospital TriHealth emergency room or Oxford Priority Care TriHealth