USS 2023 Application Due Date is Friday, February 24, 2023 (by 5:00pm EST)

Review the USS Program Guidelines carefully to understand details about participants Roles and Responsibilities BEFORE you (the student) search for an eligible[1] Miami sponsor who agrees to serve as your USS mentor. Email to request an MS Word version the USS application. Create Cover Page 1 for your USS Application

How to Submit Your USS Application
The individual student is responsible for the email submission of the USS application to the department chair or program director of the student's USS mentor. Note: the student will copy the USS mentor(s) on that email. By submitting the USS application the student and mentor(s) agree to abide by USS program requirements as well as Miami University policies.
Components of the USS 2023 Application

Page 1 USS Application Cover Page. 

  • Checkbox Request Faculty Mentor Supplemental Funding up to $600 for a combination of supply funding and faculty professional development. The faculty mentor(s) is required to include a written Budget Justification and include line-item costs. Of note, this supplemental funding will be available in FY23, 24, and 25.
  • Checkbox Request Consideration a Western Center Social Impact and Justice Research USS fellowships. These USS applications must address how the research engages with issues of social impact and/or social justice, in the project description. Students in any major may request consideration.
  • Enter data for the student, mentor(s), and project title. Review the mentor and student certification statements.

Page 2 Proposed USS Research Project Description.

  • The student/mentor team will provide the USS research project description or outline. Relevant items may include: the project’s purpose, scholarly approach, goal(s) and expected outcomes, as well as expected educational benefits to the student of completing the research project, etc.

Pages 3-4 Plans for USS 2023 Faculty Mentoring/Supervision and Student Responsibilities.

  • Describe the plan for mentoring the student’s conduct of the research, the expected manner, form and frequency of interactions between the student/mentor(s).
  • Describe the student’s plan to carry out the research project under the mentor(s) guidance, to meet the project milestones and to manage any product(s) as the result of the research. Share your ideas about dissemination of the project outcomes to non-technical audiences [not professional conferences].
  • Include a brief [DEI] statement about how the proposed research, scholarship, or creative activity, or how your participation in the USS program addresses issues related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. A DEI statement will ideally address multiple facets of how your values and experiences advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in your work. It is customary to write the statement in first person.
  • Six guiding questions have been developed for consideration by the mentor(s) and student who jointly write a brief DEI statement.
  • How will your research serve the DEI mission of the institution?
  • How will your research contribute to your professional discipline?
  • What are the societal benefits of your research?
  • How is your research relevant for your career development?
  • How will your research project incorporate diversity of thought?
  • How do you take agency/positionality/ownership of your work, and recognize the contribution of others?

Page 5  Budget Justification for Faculty funds requested from the USS supplements.

  • Provide a rationale for your request of up to $600.00 supplement funds in support of the project/ or faculty professional development. Include line item costs.