Program Overview

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The Miami University Dietetic Internship will be a Combined Master’s program with the Dietetic Internship. The combined program will be a 16-month program requiring students to complete all required coursework for the Master’s degree in conjunction with supervised practice experience. A total of 30 semester hours is required for the degree. The semester hours will be broken down as follows:  23 hours of coursework and 7 hours from the supervised practice. This program will require a total of 1280 hours of supervised practice. The area of concentration for the Miami University Dietetic Internship is community nutrition. The internship is designed for graduates to achieve all required competencies through academic coursework and evidence-based supervised-practice experiences.

Program Goals and Objectives

The program as two main goals and several objectives within each goal:

Program Goal 1: Prepare graduates to become competent for practice as an entry-level dietitian nutritionist.

Objective 1.1: Over a five-year period, at least 80% of program graduates will complete the program within 150% of the time planned for completion

Objective 1.2: Over a five-year period, at least 80% of program graduates will pass the registration examination the first time.

Objective 1.3: Over a five-year period, 70% of program graduates seeking employment will be employed in dietetics or related fields within twelve months of completion of the program.

Objective 1.4: Over a five-year period, at least 80% of returned employer surveys will report overall satisfaction with graduate performance.

Program Goal 2: Prepare graduates to be capable practitioners dedicated to the service of others and to the profession.

Objective 2.1: 60% of graduates will report participating in one or more community service opportunities in dietetics/nutrition related service areas.

Objective 2.2: 60% of graduates will report membership in a dietetics or related professional organization.

Objective 2.3: 16% of graduates will report being enrolled in a dietetics or related doctoral program within five years of graduation.

*Program outcome data is available on request.