Please refer to the current online Miami University Catalog under the section of Student Fees for current university costs and expenses.

Estimated Dietetic Internship Program Expenses*:

  • Student Registration fee: $24.08
  • Graduate Application fee: $50.00
  • Books: estimated at $500.00 per semester
  • Lab coat: estimated at $50.00
  • Transportation: Mileage estimated at $0.55/mile
  • Medical examination and immunizations: cost varies
  • Background check: estimated at $35.00
  • Medical Insurance: varies
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: $50.00
  • Conference fees: $35.00 - $70.00
  • Other possible expenses – printing of professional poster for poster session presentations: $75.00

*Fees are subject to change.

Currently liability insurance is provided and maintained by the University for each student enrolled in supervised practice experiences approved by the University.