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Worldwide stories of interconnected lives | “Where I'm from” becomes “wherever I go” | A world café forum

At this forum event, Miami students, faculty, and staff with worldwide experiences will share their own stories reflecting on how their cross-cultural journeys and intercultural connections influence the development of their sense of belonging to a larger community(ies), and influence the intersectionality of their cultural identity(ies).

Why it's important

A reflective conversation about bonding, bridging and linking stories of interconnected lives and overlapping experiences, and how re-defining sense of place, belonging and community, and re-framing our worldview can foster strong intercultural connections, long lasting friendships, and communities beyond national boundaries.

Encouraging students to register now

Participants will summarize the key take away of their reflection and recommend some strategies to create positive cross-cultural interactions, intercultural connections, and a finetune broadening opportunities for building inclusive communities across cultures on our campus and beyond. Specific student groups that may find this event valuable are:

  • international students
  • students who have recently returned from studying abroad or traveling independently 

Embracing a gemütlich* mindset in college campuses can significantly optimize people's cross-cultural learning experiences, and transform their interconnected journeys in collective collaborative actions to address the complexity of local and worldwide challenges that transcend nationalities.

Students who attend will receive a certificate of participation.

Registration will be open until February 5, 2019 or until 30 seats are secured for students and 20 seats are secured for faculty/staff.


*Gemütlich: a German word that doesn’t have an exact English translation, but essentially encompasses a welcoming, cozy atmosphere or feeling. Gemütlich mindset represents the feeling our homes give us. ~ Bailey Brammer

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Event Details

Date: February 13, 2019

Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm (Reception with refreshments will begin at 5pm)

Location: MacMillan Hall, Room 212 | Miami University, Oxford Campus


For co-curricular connections and more information about this program, please contact Jacqueline Rioja Velarde, Global Initiatives.

Accessibility Statement

To request accommodations (i.e., sign language interpreters, captioning, materials in alternative format, etc.), please contact the Miller Center for Student Disability Services at (513) 529-1541, 7-1-1 (TTY-TDD), at least 2 business days prior to the event to ensure the smooth delivery of services. The site of the event is wheelchair accessible. For more information about accessible parking and other facilities, visit the Parking and Transportation website.