Stephen Mays provides a safe and "pest-free" work environment
After 31 years of working in pest management, Stephen Mays, senior building and grounds specialist, has dealt with everything from bats to bald-faced hornets to termites. He says pest management is all about promoting a safe and healthy environment for all of us to work, live, learn and eat in.
No time for sympathy; Jim Rhodes tackles ALS
The average admission tour of Miami University’s campus is about 8,000 steps. Multiply that by three, and that’s about how many steps Jim Rhodes takes everyday, and he never leaves his building.
Janet Mallen served her country and now serves Miami students
In her job as senior assistant director of the Student Success Center, Janet Mallen uses her experience as a Marine veteran and former transfer student to help her relate to students in the same situations.
Rachelle Alexander treats Miami students like family
Rachelle Alexander has been a building and grounds assistant in Miami's residence halls for several years. As she prepared to move from Dodds Hall to the culinary support center, she shared what it's been like to work in the residence halls.
A Miami Moment: Jeffrey Toaddy soars both at Miami and in the air
Jeffrey Toaddy never intended to stay in Oxford too long after graduating from Miami in 2005. But he "can’t seem to leave Oxford" because of all the opportunities and experiences available to him here.
Miami University events for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week
Miami University's Oxford and Middletown campuses are celebrating Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (Nov. 12-19) with events sponsored by the office of community engagement and service.
Amy Wilms' passion for hummingbirds takes flight
Amy Wilms has banded more than 1,500 birds in the past two years since becoming licensed in Ohio and Indiana.
A Miami Moment with Katie Pirigyi
Katie Pirigyi is an administrative assistant and gardener who has found a special appreciation for her experience at Miami University.
Bethany Strauss' USS project a "perfect fit" for a social work major
Strauss and her faculty mentor Leah Wasburn-Moses, professor of educational psychology, are developing a curriculum for the biological children of prospective foster parents to help prepare them for foster/adoptive children in their home.