Miami photographer Scott Kissell captures art through his lens
Seen all around campus toting his camera and gear, senior university photographer Scott Kissell has been capturing the essence of the Miami University Art Museum for the past seven years.
Jerrad Harrison helps students and families navigate to success
jerrad-thumb.jpgAs coordinator of Miami's One Stop for student success services, Jerrad Harrison oversees the daily operations ensuring students and parents experience a smooth process for navigating through the lobby and front counter area of One Stop.
A Miami Moment with Jazzminn Hembree
jazzminn-hembree-thumb.jpgJazzminn Hembree is a laboratory coordinator in Miami University's animal care facility, which serves the biological sciences and others in the university research community. She is a certified animal technologist who started in the field when she was 17 as a student helper at the University of Cincinnati. She came to Miami in June 2013.
Creativity and innovation begin with networking and brainstorming
During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Miami community will highlight and enhance creativity and innovation. Exactly how is now up for discussion.
A Miami Moment with Fauzia Ahmed
Fauzia Ahmed speaks six languages. She worked in India, Indonesia, Thailand and her native Bangladesh.
Miami Moment goes behind the IT firewall
fire-wall-thumb.jpgYes. I got phished. Surprised by how easily I fell for the email scam, I asked Joe Bazeley and Brian Henebry from IT services about the latest defenses against technology dangers.
A Miami Moment with Jim Reid
jim-reid-thumb.jpgJim Reid is the field manager of the Miami University Natural Areas. The Miami alumnus has worked at Miami for 14 years. Reid is passionate about nature and photography.
A Miami Moment with Tammy Brown
Tammy Brown is an assistant professor of black world studies and history. Her new book, City of Islands: Caribbean Intellectuals in New York, will be published by University Press of Mississippi in August.
A Miami Moment with Debbie Mason
Debbie Mason is assistant to the president. She has worked at Miami University for 34 years.