A Miami Moment with Jazzminn Hembree
jazzminn-hembree-thumb.jpgJazzminn Hembree is a laboratory coordinator in Miami University's animal care facility, which serves the biological sciences and others in the university research community. She is a certified animal technologist who started in the field when she was 17 as a student helper at the University of Cincinnati. She came to Miami in June 2013.
Creativity and innovation begin with networking and brainstorming
During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Miami community will highlight and enhance creativity and innovation. Exactly how is now up for discussion.
A Miami Moment with Fauzia Ahmed
Fauzia Ahmed speaks six languages. She worked in India, Indonesia, Thailand and her native Bangladesh.
Miami Moment goes behind the IT firewall
fire-wall-thumb.jpgYes. I got phished. Surprised by how easily I fell for the email scam, I asked Joe Bazeley and Brian Henebry from IT services about the latest defenses against technology dangers.
A Miami Moment with Jim Reid
jim-reid-thumb.jpgJim Reid is the field manager of the Miami University Natural Areas. The Miami alumnus has worked at Miami for 14 years. Reid is passionate about nature and photography.
A Miami Moment with Tammy Brown
Tammy Brown is an assistant professor of black world studies and history. Her new book, City of Islands: Caribbean Intellectuals in New York, will be published by University Press of Mississippi in August.
A Miami Moment with Debbie Mason
Debbie Mason is assistant to the president. She has worked at Miami University for 34 years.
A Miami Moment with Bryan McLean
Bryan McLean, science stores specialist in the department of chemistry and biochemistry, has worked at Miami University for 17 years.
A Miami Moment with Dale Ramsey
dale-rasmey-thumb.jpgMiami's department of physics started the fall semester in the newly renovated Kreger Hall, and Dale Ramsey is one of the people who will keep it looking like new.