1971 rewind: John Hurd's 45-year-old "Tragedy" goes from vinyl to digital
Students know John Hurd makes the best sandwiches on campus, dubbing him the "Deli Lama."
Holi festival
Miami University students celebrated Holi early this year (March 12) since March 23, the actual date, is during spring break.
Sarah Matthews: Intercultural Competence - how do Miami Regionals students measure up?
Undergraduate Summer Scholar Sarah Matthews, working with faculty mentor Virginia (Ginger) Wickline, associate professor of psychology, sampled hundreds of regionals students to determine how they are prepared to interact in an increasingly globalized world.
"Support" is the motto for Miami's culinary support center
As a chef in Miami's culinary support center, Mary Johnson takes the idea of “support” seriously. In addition to her and her team supporting the campus dining locations, she is also aware of how important support is in her food creations.
#Storytags the game: Brings the face-to-face back to gaming
With a name like #Storytags, it's understandable to think this game needs some kind of mobile device. But, think again. A room, friends, family and stories set the stage for this new interactive card game ready to burst into the market.
Miami supervisor wins local mayoral race
Lisa Moss, food service supervisor at Miami, started Wednesday, Nov. 4, like any other day. Well, with one exception. She had a new title in front of her name.
Lauren Misel: solving biological problems with computers
Lauren Misel, a junior microbiology major and bioinformatics minor from Newark, had never taken a programming course until her sophomore year at Miami. Two semesters later she was selected as a Miami-Hughes intern, spending the summer conducting research and working on a software tool.
Distinguished Scholar Award recipients for 2015: Boone, Bretz and Mao
Miami University Distinguished Scholar Awards for 2015 have been presented to William Boone, professor of educational psychology; Stacey Lowery Bretz, University Distinguished Professor of chemistry and biochemistry; and LuMing Mao, chair and professor of English.
Drones, video games and road trip weather trackers: Projects inspired by students in Digital System Design course led to a summer of research
Ranging from creating an autonomous drone for taking photos during an ultimate Frisbee tournament to creating a computer program to generate landscapes for video games.