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Welcome to Culture, Affect, RElationships (CARE) Lab at Miami University!

We are a group committed to understanding family influences on youth well-being across the developmental spectrum (middle childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood) within their local cultural contexts. Current research projects include:

Emotion socialization, Emotion Regulation, and risk for Psychopathology

Our studies have documented cross-cultural variation in the processes of emotion communication and control, and the ways in which parents respond to children’s emotions. Current studies include: Socialization of positive versus negative emotions and their associations with symptoms of anxiety and depression in a cultural context.

Parenting, cultural expectations, and parent-child relationship

We have examined parenting constructs such as parenting style, parent-child boundary dissolution, and parenting ethnotheories. Current studies include: a) ,cultural models and parenting beliefs among Indian and Chinese parents, b) moderators of the relation between parent-child boundary dissolution and offspring adjustment.

Mental health in a global context

Some of our recent work focuses on the field of global mental health, specifically graduate level training in mental health in a global context, and understanding conceptualizations of well-being and distress among individuals in different parts of the world. We were recently awarded a three-year grant (2015-18)  titled,  "A training model for culturally competent and evidence-based mental health care for diverse societies"  funded by United States-India Education Foundation (for more information, visit USIEF Indo-US project web page).

Health disparities across ethnic groups in the US

In collaboration with colleagues (Dr. Yvette Harris, Dr. Cameron Hay, Dr. Nicola Rdoriguez on different projects), this line of research focuses on: a) family functioning, socialization of emotion and pain, treatment adherence, and mental health among youth with Sickle Cell Disease, b) resilience among families with preterm babies, c) patient-doctor interactions in pediatric emergency rooms.

Undergraduate student research section

Undergraduate students in our lab participate in ongoing research projects and pursue their own projects in the form of a departmental honors thesis, or through Miami University awards such as the Dean’s Scholar Award, Doctoral-Undergraduate Opportunities Scholarship, and Undergraduate Summer Scholar Award. Students typically present their honors thesis at national conferences, and many of these honors theses are published in peer-reviewed journals. If you are interested in participating in our research lab, please complete undergraduate research application, and email to