Lab News and Presentations

REDS lab graduates Katie Harris and Kala Allen presented research findings from their honors theses at the American Association for Suicidology's 2017 conference. 

Katie Kala AAS 2017

As part of her role as the clinical science representative to APA's Science Student Council, graduate student Lisa Velkoff co-wrote an article about mentoring undergraduates.

Graduate student Lauren Forrest's research was recently highlighted on the Miami University OARS blog

Congratulations to REDS lab director Dr. April Smith on being named a Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science! 

Eating Disorders Research Society conference 2016

Graduate student Lauren Forrest presents research examining suicidal behavior and eating disorders at the EDRS conference. 

Lauren Forrest EDRS 2016

Congratulations to Lauren Forrest, who won the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Graduate Student Research Grant! 

Lauren Forrest ABCT 2016

The REDS lab was proud to participate in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Out of Darkness walk at Miami University. 

AFSP 2016

Congratulations to our graduating seniors!

REDS lab dinner Spring 2016

We're grateful for the work you've done in the lab over the years, and so proud of your accomplishments. 

REDS lab seniors 2016

It's been fun having you in the lab, and we can't wait to see what you'll do next!

Hinkle Poster Session

Kala Allen Hinkle Poster Session

REDS lab research assistant Kala Allen presents findings from her senior thesis at the 2016 Hinkle Poster Session

REDS lab research assistants Kala Allen and Katie Harris are conducting research examining risk factors for suicide among college athletes, and their work was featured in a Miami University news article

Midwestern Psychological Association Conference 2015

Lauren Forrest, Lisa Velkoff, and Dr. April Smith at MPA

Lauren Forrest, Lisa Velkoff, and Dr. April Smith at the MPA conference

Lisa Velkoff MPA 2015

Lisa Velkoff presents a talk about factors elevating suicide risk among sexual minority women

Lauren Forrest MPA 2015

Graduate student Lauren Forrest presents findings that individuals with a history of suicidal behavior have greater deficits in interoceptive awareness

MPA 2015

Dr. April Smith, undergraduate research assistants Kala Allen, Mary Lloyd, and Meghan Fennel, and research coordinator Lisa Velkoff attend MPA 2015

Smith and Clerkin lab dinner

Joint Smith/Clerkin lab dinner at MPA 2015 in Chicago

American Association of Suicidology Conference 2015

Katie and Meghan at AAS 2015

Undergraduate Research Assistants Katie Harris and Meghan Fennel present findings that greater fearlessness about death predicts less disgust response to death-related images, as measured by facial electromyography (EMG). 

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Conference 2014

Dodd ABCT 2014

Graduate student Dorian Dodd presents work which found negative life events mediate the relationship between dietary restraint and burdensomeness/belongingness

Lab dinner ABCT 2014

Joint Clerkin/Magee/Smith lab dinner at ABCT

Lauren Fussner ABCT 2014

Lauren Fussner (Luebbe Lab) presents on reward sensitivity and disordered eating

REDS Lab in the News

Dr. April Smith's research was reported on in Pacific Standard magazine. 

Dr. April Smith and graduate student Lauren Forrest were featured in an article from Cosmopolitan.

Dr. Bethany Teachman was on NPR to discusses a paper we’re a co-author on that investigated implicit shame as it relates to OCD, SAD, and BDD.

Dr. Smith was interviewed about maladaptive Facebook usage by NBC. 

Dr. Smith was interviewed about maladaptive Facebook usage and its link to body dissatisfaction by Healthday News. 

Our paper on Maladaptive Facebook usage and bulimic symptoms was featured on MDLinx.

Maladaptive Facebook usage predicts increases in body dissatisfaction and bulimic symptoms

Our paper on over-exercise and suicidality received more media coverage. The full write-up can be found here:

Overexercise to Control Weight Can Cause Psychological Harm

Our paper, “Exercise caution: Over-exercise is associated with suicidality among individuals with disordered eating” was featured in the Psychiatric News:

Over-exercise May Signal Heightened Suicide Risk in Bulimic Individuals

Our paper on the “High Place Phenomenon” was featured on Oprah’s blog, NBC, and Nautilus:

The Urge to Jump is the Urge to Live
That Weird Urge to Jump Off a Bridge, Explained
Why You Feel the Urge to Jump

Congratulations to Lauren on being a feature story in Council of Graduate Schools “GradImpact”

Lauren also received the 2017 Graduate Student Research Award from the Obesity and Eating Disorders Special Interest Group of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies for her work on network analysis in eating disorders.

The REDS lab recently received funding from the Military Suicide Research Consortium to investigate the relationship between interoceptive deficits and suicidality in the military.