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Executive Committee

Chair of the Executive Committee

Hank Stevens, PhD

Director of the EEEB PhD Program
EEEB Lead Departmental Advisor
Associate Professor of Biology

Executive Committee Members

David Berg, University Distinguished Professor of Biology

John Maingi, PhD, Associate Professor of Geography

Rich Moore, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology

Rachel Morgan-Kiss, PhD, O'Toole Family Professor of Microbiology

Carlos Peredo, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Affiliated Faculty
Faculty Associate Department Interests
Bauer, Jonathan Biology plant-microbe interactions
restoration ecology
sustainable agriculture
Berg, David J. Biology biodiversity
molecular ecology
conservation of freshwater invertebrates
Bollmann, Annette Microbiology microbial ecology
nitrogen cycle
Boone, Michelle D. Biology amphibian conservation
experimental ecology
invasive species
multiple stressors
Crist, Thomas Biology landscape ecology
conservation biology
statistical ecology
insect ecology
Davis, Amélie Y. Geography; Institute for the Environment and Sustainability human-environment interactions
landscape ecology
land use land cover change modeling
sustainable landscapes and ecosystem services
GIS modeling
Fisk, Melany C. Biology terrestrial ecosystems
soil ecology
González, María J. Biology community ecology
aquatic food webs
Gorchov, David L. Biology ecology of invasive plants (especially invasion dynamics)
population ecology
forest ecology
Hagerman, Ann E. Chemistry & Biochemistry plant polyphenolics (tannins)
soil decomposition of polyphenolics
plant-animal interactions
analytical biochemistry
Henry, Mary C. Geography landscape ecology
remote sensing
vegetation dynamics
fire ecology
Hoffman, Susan M.G. Biology evolutionary, population and conservation genetics of mammals
Jezkova, Tereza Biology population and landscape genetics
phylogenetics and diversification
species range and niche shifts
ecological niche assessments
Knoll, Lesley Biology Ecosystem And Community Ecology,
Aquatic Ecology
Anthropogenic Environmental Change
Lake-Watershed Connections
Winter Limnology
Krekeler, Mark Geology & Environmental Earth Science constructed wetlands
environmental mineralogy
mine waste
battery waste
heavy metal pollution
Levy, Jonathan Geology & Environmental Earth Science groundwater/surface-water interaction
contaminant transport and water-resource issues in the developing world
Maingi, John K. Geography GIS
remote sensing
forest ecology
environmental change
Moore, Richard C. Biology plant evolutionary biology
evolutionary genetics and genomics
duplicate gene evolution
evolution of sexual reproduction systems
Morgan-Kiss, Rachael M. Microbiology distribution and function of phototrophic microorganisms in extreme environments
production of biomass from cold-tolerant algal species
Myers, Christopher A. Biology conservation, with community engagement and education projects worldwide
Peredo, Carlos Biological Sciences; Geology and Environmental Earth Science macroevolutionary patterns associated with mammals returning to a marine environment
Saxton, Matthew Biological Sciences microbial ecology
harmful algal blooms
anthropogenic environmental change
Schaeffer, Paul Biology energetics
physiological ecology
phenotypic plasticity of metabolism
field physiology
Stevens, Hank Biology ecology and evolution of community dynamics and diversity
statistical methods
Tomoyasu, Yoshinori Biology evolutionary developmental biology using insect wings as a model system
Vanni, Michael J. Biology ecosystem and community ecology
aquatic ecology
food webs
nutrient cycling
Zhang, Jing Statistics Bayesian statistics
spatial analysis
statistical modeling for environmental and biological sciences

Emeritus Faculty
Faculty Associate Department Interests
Cady, Alan B. Biology terrestrial ecology, focusing on generalist predatory arthropods in agroecosystems
Gladish, Daniel K. Biology effects of environmental factors on root development
prairie restoration
soil remediation
Keane, Brian Biology mammalian social behavior
mate choice
molecular genetic techniques
McCarty-Kern, Jessica Geography GIS
remote sensing
land-cover/land-use change
food security and agriculture
climate change
geospatial data science
spatial analysis
Rypstra, Ann L. Biology behavioral ecology
community ecology
predator-prey interactions
Solomon, Nancy Biology sociality
cooperative breeding
communal and parental care

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology PhD Program

Hank Stevens, Chair EEEB Executive Committee
316 Pearson Hall
Oxford, OH 45056