Faculty Research Interests

ECE faculty are active in a variety of research areas. You are welcome to contact them directly to explore these or other topics further.

Circuit, Electronics and Power Systems

Garmatyuk (Analog CMOS circuit design)
Scott (Wide bandgap based power electronics, power conversion for renewable energy applications)

Communications and networking

Cheng (Optical communications and modulation detection)
Garmatyuk (UWB OFDM)
Herdtner (Cellular and ad hoc networks)
Sahin (Network performance analysis)
Ucci (Communication systems, wireless communications, networking)

Computer Engineering and Cyber Security

Jamieson (FPGA, CAD tool design for computer engineering)
Rao (Active network, distributed computing, embedded computing, and parallel simulation of hardware description languages)
Reese (High Performance Computing)

Control and Robotics

Cameron (Control)
Ucci (Control esp. applied to communication systems)

Electromagnetics, Remote Sensing, and Wideband Receiver

Cheng (Wideband receiver simulation and design)
Garmatyuk (Radar signals and systems, UWB radar and propagation)
Ucci (antennas)
Zhou (Incoherent scattering, radar remote sensing, space physics, meteor science)

Signal Processing and Optimization

Brezhneva (Optimization)
Cheng (Nonlinear signal processing, real-time signal processing)
Reese (Pattern recognition, image processing)
Ucci (Applications to digital communications)
Zhou (Radar signal processing, bioelectrical signal processing)

Engineering Education

Cheng (Software defined radio curriculum development)
Jamieson (Higher education)
Garmatyuk (Teaching electromagnetics to undergraduates)