Faculty Research Interests

ECE faculty are active in a variety of research areas. You are welcome to contact them directly to explore these or other topics further.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Jamieson (applications of AI to algorithms and games)
Sahin (Edge Computing)
Zhou (Application of AI in biomedical signal processing)

Circuit, Electronics, and Power Systems

Scott (Isolated dc/dc converters, motor drives, reliability of power electronics, silicon carbide and gallium nitride power conversion)
Wang (Electric vehicle in smart grid)

Communications and networking

Cheng (Optical communications and modulation detection)
Garmatyuk (Radar-Communication fusion, software-defined multi-functional systems, clutter-masked secure communications)
Sahin (Optical networks and datacenters, IoT and wireless network security, public safety networks, radio resource management)
Wang (Vehicular communication and networking, Next generation Local Area Networks)
Zhang (5G/6G mobile communication and networking, radio resource management)

Computer Engineering and Cyber Security

Jamieson (FPGA applications, FPGA architecture, CAD tool design, Genetic Algorithms, and Agent Based Simulation)
Rao (Active network, distributed computing, embedded computing, and parallel simulation of hardware description languages)
Reese (High Performance Computing)
Sahin (Datacenter network architectures, IoT security, Wireless physical layer security)

Robotics and Control

Cameron (Control)
Garmatyuk (RF sensors for autonomous platforms
Leonard (Autonomous Vehicles)
Van Scoy (Robust control, multi-agent systems)
Wang (Control of autonomous driving)
Zhang (Optimal control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in future communication networks)

Electromagnetics, Remote Sensing, and Wideband Receiver

Cheng (Wideband receiver simulation and design)
Garmatyuk (UWB radar, synthetic aperture radar, signal integrity engineering)
Zhou (Incoherent scattering, radar remote sensing, space physics, meteor science)

Signal Processing and Optimization

Brezhneva (Optimization)
Cheng (Nonlinear signal processing, real-time signal processing)
Garmatyuk (Waveform design & signal processing for covert communication)
Leonard (Computer Vision)
Reese (Pattern recognition, image processing)
Van Scoy (Convex optimization)
Zhou (Radar signal processing, bioelectrical signal processing)

Engineering Education

Cheng (Software defined radio curriculum development)
Garmatyuk (Teaching electromagnetics to undergraduates)
Jamieson (Teaching education improvement)
Sahin (Teaching network modeling to undergraduates)
Scott (Power Electronics curriculum)
Zhang (Teaching Smartphone Technologies to undergraduates)