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What Our Students Say

  • Emmanuel Caster

    Emmanuel Caster

    Kinesiology major

    "Coming into Miami I had no idea what kinesiology was. After doing some research on the major, I realized that it was just right for me...

    “I love learning about the biomechanics of the human body and this major allows me to learn and experience it through many different--and exciting--classes. After I graduate, I've got my sights set on becoming a physician's assistant."

  • Bria Howard

    Bria Howard

    Family Studies major

    "I chose the family studies major because it was applicable to real life situations. All of the classes that you have to take within the major relate to some sort of everyday life. It’s not material that you remember just to pass the test..."

    “It's engaging and makes you think! This major has also challenged me to think of families on a broader spectrum, and learn how to help and guide families to resources that they need to function. Also the professors and faculty are awesome! They want you to succeed and will work with you to make sure it happens!”

  • Anna Hartman

    Anna Hartman

    Middle Childhood Education major

    "Hi! I am a senior middle childhood education major with concentrations in Language Arts and Science. I love the 4th-9th grade age grouping (they're so awkward, fun, impressionable, and really finding out who they are!)."

    "I'm excited that I've had great experience with each of these grades in my many field experiences through the middle childhood education cohort blocks. I have also experienced a variety of different types of schools in my field experiences -- alternative, technology-centered, rural, suburban, and urban schools. I have without a -doubt found that my heart is in these urban, inner-city schools! My sophomore year I joined a wonderful program at Miami called the Urban Teaching Cohort (UTC), and I have learned, and grown, and been completely and forever changed through my experiences in the UTC!"

  • Mallory Waters

    Mallory Waters

    Social Work major

    "I get asked quite often, ‘Why did you choose social work?’ Well, social work chose me and I have Miami University to thank for allowing that passion to further develop…

    “Whether it is the supportive faculty, challenge to think beyond the classroom, or just a sense of ‘home,’ Miami’s department of social work and family studies has been one of the most rewarding experiences on my journey thus far. Do not hesitate to explore the broad field of Social Work and the many opportunities it can offer—you will be amazed!"

  • Cami Gilman

    Cami Gilman

    Nutrition major

    "I love dietetics! I couldn't dream up a major that fits me better. I'm really into fitness and health, but even more than that I just love food! Working in the food lab, we get to make delicious treats that are good for you too…

    Then in our other classes we learn about how and why they are good for you. There are so many job opportunities for Dietetics majors - from being a Registered Dietician to working in culinary arts. Right now, I'm looking to go to culinary school after graduation."

  • Kean Mack

    Kean Mack

    Early Childhood Education major

    "The reason I chose to major in early childhood education is because I enjoy working with young kids and showing them how to like learning. It is such a satisfactory feeling when working with kids who want to learn and enjoy trying new things…"

    “As a future teacher, I love being able to help them do so. At the same time, working with kids who may struggle in areas is rewarding too because you soon connect with them and can find things they enjoy which helps them learn."

  • Alex Wold

    Alex Wold

    Athletic Training major

    "I chose to go into athletic training because I love sports, I've been around them my whole life, and love being able to help an athlete get back to achieving their goals after an injury...

    "At Miami, I have been working with our various intercollegiate teams since my sophomore year and have had a ton of hands on learning and great professional experiences. It's one thing to learn about injuries and special tests in the classroom, but it is even better when you are out at practice seeing the injury that was discussed in class occur right in front of you and the steps that happen after an injury occurs.

    "Now as an athletic training student, I haven't exactly had the typical college experience. During the week I not only have class and homework, but practice with a team as well which can sometimes include traveling or weekend games. Although it is a big time commitment and I have more responsibilities than other students, the opportunities and professional experiences I have had are priceless and have put me in a great place to succeed after I graduate in May and start working as a graduate assistant athletic trainer with a brand new D1 football program in Georgia. Just have to pass my certification exam first."

  • Rob Cron

    Rob Cron

    Special Education major

    "I chose education as my major because I was in Urban Teaching Cohort (UTC) classes that really showed me something of the inequalities that go on in our educational system...

    “That made me pretty mad, so that’s why I chose education, and then I chose special education because that population is discriminated against and so marginalized. Even today when we’re supposed to be so tolerant, a lot of these students have really bad experiences.

    “UTC has really pushed my education as a teacher, and I definitely recommend joining the UTC because it will challenge you in ways that you won’t get in other classes.

    “I studied abroad in Cuba in the winter semester. It was really cool because we learned about a place that we don’t know much about—because the US embargo has it so locked down. It was so great to understand Cuba from their own perspective. It opened our eyes in a lot of ways."

    A few more facts about me:

    • I will be part of the Urban Leadership Internship Program (ULIP) this summer in Chicago.
    • In the fall, I’ll be doing my student teaching in Chicago.
  • Gabby Trojanowski

    Gabby Trojanowski

    Integrated Mathematics Education major

    ”As someone who always enjoyed school and any opportunity to help my peers learn through tutoring and dance lessons, education had been on my mind as I approached college...

    “My courses at Miami then confirmed my decision when I heard about all the research being done in education to improve the way teachers can serve students in mathematics. My eyes have been opened to different ways to teach math that I never was exposed to in my personal experience, such as reading and writing about mathematical ideas. Finding a field where I would continually learn was of the utmost importance to me, and choosing my AYA Mathematics Education degree secured a path where I knew I could do just that, even after I graduate in May.”

  • Brianna Lipscomb

    Brianna Lipscomb

    SLAM major

    "I had a passion for sports but no idea how I could turn that into a career after graduation. That's when I found the Sport Leadership and Management (SLAM) major the second semester of my freshmen year...

    “SLAM is a great mix of the business aspect of sport as well as the culture sport creates. It has helped me develop the necessary leadership skills I'll need to be successful in any sport industry career. SLAM is perfect for me and I'm so thankful Miami has knowledgeable professors to help guide me in my education and on to my career path."

  • Kelsey Barnes

    Kelsey Barnes

    Health Promotion major

    "I have always been passionate about health and wellness, which led me to pursue a major in health promotion. Throughout the past 4 years I have learned more about the importance of health than I ever thought was possible...

    ”The professors I had prepared me to take what I have learned with me into the real world, and I feel confident to chase my dream of a future career in the health field. I would not change anything about my experience at Miami, especially my decision to be a health promotion major."