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The Sexuality Education Studies Center (SESC) at Miami University is unique: It marks us as the first institution in the region to provide critical, service-oriented, scholarly programs in sexual education, supporting students, faculty, staff and the community. SESC uniquely prepares students training for careers in P-12 education, public health, family life education, social work, educational leadership, disability studies, and school psychology in an unparalleled manner. This center collaborates with folks engaged in personal development and adds to contemporary conversations that are happening at national levels. Fostering connections with organizations that value sexual health, wellness, informed decision making, prepared citizens, and equity within our larger communities is a priority.

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What Our Students Say

"Introspection is important when learning about sexuality. You have to be willing to analyze yourself and the systems around you, and then break them down before you can build them up again with a more understanding and open view of sex/ual/ity.”