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The Leading on Purpose Experience

Built on the foundation of Integrity, Responsibility, and Respect, the Farm School strives to instill the importance of values-based leadership and decision-making.  The Leading on Purpose experience challenges our students to clarify their own core values, explore their unique leadership strengths, and analyze the role these play in their authentic leadership.

These discussions culminate in the creation of a personal “Why” statement, articulating the kind of contribution each student aspires to make and the kind of impact they want to have in their careers, communities, and the world.

The Isaac and Oxley Center for Business Leadership in the FSB currently invests in the intensive development of 50 Student Fellows. These students come from all majors in the FSB and spend 3 years learning about self and team leadership through custom workshops and coaching.  They are then challenged to apply these skills to their organizations across campus and beyond.

Starting in Fall 2022, the CBL Student Fellows will begin serving as certified peer coaches to help achieve the goal of bringing a high-impact leadership development experience to every interested FSB student.  All Fellows who have successfully completed their first-year CBL requirements will be trained as coaches.

Our CBL Certified Leadership Coaches will specialize as experts in key topics ranging from developing strengths to team member accountability, working with their peers to deliver leadership workshops across a range of contexts, in classes, leadership labs, and business organization.

“Your mission statement becomes your constitution, the sold expression of your vision and values.  It becomes the criterion by which you measure everything else in your life.” - Stephen Covey

Leading Team Resources

The mission of the Leading Teams initiative in the CBL is to develop students who are beyond ready to collaborate in high-performance work teams, using the best practices from both research and industry. By introducing a shared framework and language around teams in a number of our courses (for example, in the FYIC, a core course, and then later in a capstone), we hope to graduate future leaders who have uncommon knowledge and the ability to collaborate effectively.

Our resource library was developed based on both academic research and data-validated best practices from organizations, yet designed by our CBL Student Fellows to be useful for the challenges our students commonly face. In addition to our past offerings, we have also created a Team Leadership Video Library containing short (2-5 minute) videos designed and produced for our students, by our students.

The following resources are now available for any faculty member or student who may find them useful:


Online learning module on best practices of high-performance teams that can be imported into your own Canvas course.

This Leading TeamsModule was developed in conjunction with Miami's e-learning staff. It features video segments produced by CBL Student Fellows and short activities designed to test learning. Students assigned this module must reach a 90% accuracy rate to "pass" the module and receive a certificate of completion that can be uploaded into your assignment on Canvas. It can be assigned simply as a complete/incomplete assignment or for a point value.

  • Faculty preview-only module -Note: The student version of this module has a final screen that includes a certificate of completion with their name on it that can be uploaded to an assignment on Canvas).
    • To acquire this module for use as an assignment for your course, contact Megan Gerhardt, at, and include an Excel list of the course roster for the section(s) where you want to use the module. You will be sent the assignment to add to your Canvas course. You can modify the assignment to be worth as many points as you wish, or set it to register as complete/incomplete.

Visit our Leading Teams Google Drive Folder for the Following Resources:

  • Team Project Tools - The Center for Business Leadership Leading Teams initiative has developed a set of customizable templates that can be used as part of your courses' team projects, including a Team Contract and a Team Peer Evaluation form. Both have been designed using the CBL LeadingTeamsframework emphasized in the above-mentioned Canvas module and are also now taught to all students in BUS 101 and in several other classes. Feel free to modify them to meet the needs of your project and course.
  • Leading Teams Video Library - Short videos are now available on the difference between groups and teams, team tools & logistics, dealing with slackers and micromanagers in your team, developing team psychological safety, and handling team conflict. These can be shown in class or assigned to teams prior to starting a team project.

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