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Hands-On Learning

Departmental Honors

The writing of Honors papers allows students to gain real academic experience by researching, producing, and then presenting professional, scholarly written work to a faculty and student audience. The paper is written on a topic of shared interest between the student and faculty supervisor and is a collaborative experience. In the past, several of these papers have eventually been published in scholarly journals.

College Fed Challenge

The College Fed Challenge is an annual competition hosted by the Federal Reserve Board and co-sponsored by several Federal Reserve regional banks. The competition charges teams to assess the current health – and risks – of the U.S. economy and to then advise the Federal Open Market Committee concerning the policy tools that should be deployed to support healthy growth. The competition has two rounds. In the first round, all participating teams construct a video presentation detailing their findings and recommendations. In the later rounds, advancing teams engage in a 15-minute live Q&A with economists from the Federal Reserve System.

Contact Jonathan Wolff, (513) 529-3011,

The Econ Games

The Econ Games is an inter-university team competition that incorporates economic topics and skills with data analytics to analyze real-world problems. Workshops are held throughout the year, and a corporate sponsor challenges the teams to help them solve a business problem. The competition also includes student presentations to the sponsors and networking with additional businesses.

Contact: Carla Nietfeld, 513-529-2842,

Economic Analysis

Economics students are frequently involved in conducting economic analyses and reports through classes and independent study for corporate, non-profit, and government clients. Recent projects include an analysis of the cryptocurrency market and an evaluation of a federal health services grant. During these projects, students typically meet regularly with the clients, and engage in data collection, visualization, and interpretation, writing for a non-technical audience, and policy analysis.

Contact: Jenny Minier, 513-529-4937,

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