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Hands-On Learning

Highwire Brand Studio

Highwire Brand Studio is an innovative hands-on learning capstone focusing on developing branding strategies and tactics to address opportunities faced by real-world client companies. Each semester senior students from marketing, communication design and other university majors compete on disciplinary-diverse teams to develop the best overall recommendation for the client’s branding challenge.

Clients partner with Highwire Brand Studio in order to tap the unique perspectives and experiences of Miami’s top students and commonly use student-developed strategies and tactics in their subsequent marketing and branding efforts. Recent clients have included P&G’s Pringles, Olay, and Pantene brands, Nestlé’s Purina and Toll House brands, Speedway, Pepsi, Microban Europe, New Chapter Natural Vitamins, Kellogg's Poptarts, The Nuxhall Foundation, and Hasbro. Deliverables for these projects included strategies and tactics for brand positioning, brand naming, brand design and visual elements, promotional programs, in-store merchandising, and display materials, social media programs, and product packaging.

Contact: Dr. Tim Greenlee, 513-529-1204,


StrategyWorks is a capstone offering with a core focus on the development of effective marketing strategy executed through the full spectrum of the marketing mix. Each student team develops a go-to-market plan for the client over the semester. Teams conduct an extensive market analysis, including primary and secondary research, and use these research-driven insights to identify the optimal target market and brand positioning. Each team then develops recommendations on how to execute the marketing strategy across the marketing mix. Student-client interaction is integral to this offering, both during the semester and for final student presentations. Students are encouraged to tell a story with their proposed strategies—learning how to weave a tale is an important part of the marketing process, and as they prepare for their final presentations, this storytelling aspect is critical.

Past clients include J&J Ethicon Endo-Surgery, NCAA, AdvancePierre Foods, Cessna Aircraft Company, Nestle and Reebok, and Stryker.

Contact: Dr. Gregory Fisher 513-529-3368,

Interactive Media Studies Practicum

Interactive Media Studies Practicum examines the tools and methodologies involved in creating and managing the production of new media. Students study different development models in a real-world setting and work with a client in business or industry to produce an interactive solution. This course particularly focuses on two aspects of the client project: (1) the management of new media development, and (2) the processes that best develop the synergy of an interdisciplinary team working toward a shared goal and the tools of development. It also emphasizes project planning and management. While it may be the case that programmers need to know coding and graphic designers need to know vector graphics, the successful manager will know something about both of these tools, about how they work together, and about how to specialize in one of them.

Contact: Dr. Glenn Platt, 513-529-2808,


The Center for KickGlass Change, founded by Professor of Marketing, Dr. Gillian Oakenfull, provides students with the knowledge, perspectives, and skills needed to embrace diversity and difference in the workplace, marketplace, and broader society.

The Center designed and facilitates Beyond Ready CQ, the Farmer School of Business’ innovative new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion skills program for all first-year students. Cultural intelligence (CQ) is a measurable skill that captures an individual’s capability to adapt and function effectively in different cultural environments and situations characterized by cultural diversity. KickGlass provides students with opportunities to take co-curricular credentials within its CQ Leadership program, advances under-represented talent to leadership, and creates organizational CQ within the Farmer School of Business and beyond.

Within the marketing department, KickGlass offers students the opportunity to take two innovative classes focused on cultural intelligence and social change in the marketplace - “Marketing with Cultural Intelligence” a marketing elective where students learn how to approach the consumer marketing place with cultural intelligence and “KickGlass Marketing for Change,” a marketing capstone where students take on real business challenges from Procter & Gamble, both in the United States and across the globe within the Farmer School of Business’ global programs.

Contact: Dr. Gillian Oakenfull, 513-529-1209,

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