Bryan Ashenbaum

Associate Dean for Curriculum & Professor

Office of the Dean & Management


Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Arizona State University, Supply Chain Management, 2006
  • M.B.A. Arizona State University, Supply Chain Management, 2001
  • B.S. Arizona State University, Microbiology, 1996

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Chair, Department of Management (2017 - Present)
  • Director, Miami PRIME (2014 - 2017)
  • Associate Professor, Miami University (2012-Present).
  • Assistant Professor, Miami University (2006-2012).
  • Graduate associate / Classified Staff, Arizona State University (2002-2006).
  • Purchasing Manager, Procter & Gamble (2001-2002).
  • Supply Management MBA Intern, Honeywell (2000).
  • Sales Engineer, NIBCO (1997-1999).
  • Nuclear Quality Assurance Supervisor, Nuclear Reactor Operator, U.S. Navy (1988-1993).

Recent Publications

  • Ashenbaum, B. 2018. “From Market to Hierarchy: An Empirical Assessment of a Supply Chain Governance Typology.” Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management 24(1): 59-67.
  • Ashenbaum, B., Maltz, A. 2017. “Purchasing-Logistics Integration and Supplier Performance: An Information-Processing View.” International Journal of Logistics Management 28(2): 379-397.
  • Brewer, B., Wallin, C., Ashenbaum, B. 2014. “Outsourcing the Procurement Function: Do Actions and Results Align with Theory?” Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management 20(3): 186-194.
  • Ashenbaum, B. 2013. “A Pre-Validation of the Product-Process Matrix.” Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education 11(4): 313-322.
  • Brewer, B., Ashenbaum, B., Carter, J. 2013. “Understanding the Supply Chain Outsourcing Cascade: When Does Procurement Follow Manufacturing Out the Door?” Journal of Supply Chain Management 49(3): 90-110.
  • Brewer, B., Ashenbaum, B. Ogden, J. 2013. “Connecting Strategy-Linked Outsourcing Approaches and Expected Performance.” International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management 43(3): 176-204.

Honors & Awards

  • Excellence in Career Development Award, 2015, Miami University.
  • Outstanding Associate Editor Award for 2014, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award for 2013, Journal of Business Logistics.
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award for 2012, Journal of Business Logistics.
  • 2012 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.
  • 2011-12 Outstanding Professor Award, Professional MBA Program, Farmer School of Business, Miami University.
  • 2011-12 Richard K. Smucker Outstanding Teacher Award (undergraduate), Farmer school of Business, Miami University.
  • 2007 Best Reviewer Award, Journal of Supply Chain Management
  • 2005: Sam M. Walton College of Business 2005 SCMRC Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award, SCMRC-University of Arkansas.
  • 2005: ISM Doctoral Research Grant, Institute for Supply Management.
  • 2005: W.P. Carey School of Business 2004-05 John W. Teets Outstanding Teacher Award, Arizona State University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Function outsourcing
  • Impact of technology adoption on supply chain relationships
  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Purchasing/strategy sourcing
  • Supply chain integration


Dr. Bryan Ashenbaum is the Chair of the Management Department, and an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management at Miami University. He completed his Ph.D. in Business Administration at Arizona State University and joined the Miami faculty in August 2006. His primary research interests are integration and boundary behavior among supply chain actors and assessing the impacts of the "human factor" in supply chain and operational issues. He has published in the Journal of Supply Chain Management, the Journal of Business Logistics, and a number of other academic journals. Prior to his academic career, he held various positions with Procter & Gamble, Honeywell, NIBCO, and the US Navy.


Bryan Ashenbaum

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