Support Funds

The Confucius Institute at Miami University supports Chinese language learning and promotes Chinese culture on Miami University campuses and the local communities. The goal of CI funds is to provide the opportunity for Miami students, faculty, staff, and the local community to work on projects with CI to share different cultures and promote a globalized and diversified learning environment. Projects focus on either Chinese language or culture, or both. Funds for activities are typically available immediately after approval and must be spent by the end of the calendar year unless otherwise indicated in the approval letter.

Types of Supports

  • Major projects: There will be one round of applications each year for major projects. Proposals must be submitted by September 1 for the activities in the following year. The CI Project Review Committee will review these proposals and select the strongest to be included in its annual budget for funds from Hanban. Funding approved by Hanban will be applied to the project activities through CI.
  • Minor supports (typically $50 to $200) can be requested any time during the year. Funds are distributed based on the relevance of the project to the goals of CI, the impact of the projected activity, and the availability of the funds.


All organizations at Miami University or those from local communities that are conducting Chinese Language and Chinese Culture related activities are eligible to apply for sponsorship of CI.

Allowable Expenses 

Proposer may request funds for expenses described in the budget form attached. Applicants must clearly establish a need for the requested expenses and include them in the budget justification. All equipment, books, software or other devices (if they are a significant part of the project, although typically not funded) purchased with CI funds become the property of the CI and must be returned back to CI after the completion of the activity. Funds must be spent by the end of the calendar year.

Selection Process and Criteria

  • Major Projects: Decisions on the selections of major project applications are made by the Review Committee of the CI based upon: (a) an evaluation of a given proposal by each Committee member; (b) a general discussion in the Committee meeting; and (c) a formal vote governed by majority rule. The Committee’s selection decisions regarding projects will be forwarded to the Director of the CI and the Advisory Board of the CI for approval. Approved projects will be included in the annual budget plan of the CI to apply for funding. Funds will be available to the applicant upon the approval of Hanban.
  • Minor Support: Decisions on the support to minor projects will typically be reviewed the same way and the committee will forward its recommendations to the Director of the CI for final approval.
  • Criteria: The Review Committee will judge proposals on the basis of: (a) the feasibility of the proposed project; (b) demonstrated relevance of the project to the goals of CI; (c) the size of the population impacted and their level of involvement in relation to the amount of funds requested; and (d) the level of support from other sources.

Proposal Deadline

September 1st is the proposal deadline to the CI for major projects. Proposals that are not selected must be resubmitted for consideration again in the consecutive year. Minor support applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Application Procedures

Complete the online application and upload a one page project description, including the budget, justification, and a brief bio for each responsible person on the project. Applications received after the deadline date may not be considered.

Application Requirements

You are required to upload specific documentation as part of your application. It is best to prepare this information before you start the application process.

Within one single-spaced typewritten page in no smaller than 10 point font, please provide the information required in item 1 to 5 below of the proposed project: 

  1. Background/Context of the Project: Effectively communicate the importance and background of the project. Note concisely the objective(s) of the proposed project and the expected outcomes.
  2. Activity: The description of the activity should be detailed enough for the committee to see the project's connections to the objectives and the impacts of the project. The committee will also evaluate the relationship between the project objectives and the goals of CI.
  3. Timeline: Specify the timeline of the major activities of the project including an appropriate completion date.
  4. Budget and Budget Justification: Provide an itemized list of all expenses that are being requested. Be sure the proposal contains a justification/rationale/explanation for each budget item (refers to the budget form below).
  5. References: List references cited in the proposal, if any.

Brief Bios: In a separate attachment, provide Brief Bios for all responsible people. Bios should include their qualifications and any relevant activities. Any other information relevant to the proposed project should be included as well. 

Feedback Procedures

The Committee will request feedback from applicants regarding their proposals.

Summary Report

Summary reports are due within two weeks following the completion of the activity. Information in the summary report should include, but is not limited to:

  • Comparisons between the proposed and the actual project on all items in the proposal.
  • Feedback from the project participants.
  • Photos that demonstrate the effects and impacts of the project (About 10 high quality images).
  • Experiences gained from the activity and advice for similar projects in the future.