Miami Students

Chinese 101 and 102

CIMU works with the department of GRAMELAC offers Chinese courses on Miami's Hamilton campus. The goal of these courses are to develop basic communication skills in Chinese. Although reading and writing are an essential part these courses, Chinese sound and writing systems are also introduced.

  • CHI 101: Elementary Chinese (CRN 72677)
  • CHI 102: Elementary Chinese (CRN 84392)

Tai Chi

CIMU works with the department of Kinesiology and Health to offer a 2-credit hour Tai Chi course on the Oxford campus.

Course Description: Beginning T'ai Chi (2) This course will cover the Short (Simplified Modern) Yang Style T'ai Chi Chuan 24-Posture form which is the most-often taught version in the world. Developed by Yang Cheng Fu for instructing the Chinese Emperor's family over a hundred years ago, it is considered a valuable health exercise with many proven benefits, although it is also an effective martial art or self-defense. Often called "Meditation In Motion", T'ai Chi has been shown to relieve stress and increase flexibility, balance and focus.

KNH 120T (CRN 80523) & (CRN 84055)

Study Abroad and Away

Miami University Study Abroad and Away offers many programs in China for Miami students.

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