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Teaching Abroad, Away, Or Virtually

Interested in helping your students to find their place in the world? Global Initiatives is here to assist you in achieving your goals!

Design Your Program

Step 1: What are my desired learning outcomes for my students?

Be sure that your outcomes:

  • Focus on intercultural competence
  • Can be measured

Step 2: What global teaching modality best enables me to achieve my desired outcomes?

  • Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)
    • "Internationalizaton at home" offers access to global learning opportunities to more students. Promotes Diversity/Equity/Inclusion!
    • Can lead to future teaching and research collaboration with an international scholar.
  • Faculty-Led Study Away
    • Enables students to engage in an intercultural travel experience in the United States.
    • More affordable and usually less difficult to manage than an international travel program.
  • Faculty-Led Study Abroad
    • Offers students a potentially once-in-a-lifetime, high-impact travel program in a foreign country.
    • Requires the most preparation!
  • Teaching at MUDEC
    • MUDEC is considered a professional development opportunity for Miami faculty seeking an international teaching experience. All tenured and tenure-track faculty, as well as clinical faculty and lecturers may apply.
    • The following positions are available yearly:Year-long appointment, Summer workshop

Step 3: 

Complete the Statement of Intent Form by Dec. 1. 

Step 4:

In January, accept the invitation to join the proposal cohort for your global teaching modality.

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