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Transer Release Date

Your new school cannot process an I-20 for you until Miami University “releases” your SEVIS record to the new school. To do this, we must specify a “release date” in SEVIS whereupon your record will be electronically transferred to your new institution. As of this date, Miami will no longer be able to access your record, and it will fall under the jurisdiction of the new school. Typically, the earliest date you can select as your transfer release date is the day after your last date of enrollment at Miami University.

Students who graduate from Miami University

If you graduate or complete your program of study at Miami University and then wish to transfer to a new school, your record must be transferred by the end of your 60-day grace period (i.e. within 60 days after you complete your degree requirements).

Students who wish to transfer before graduating

If you wish to transfer your record to another institution without graduating from Miami University, but are still academically eligible to continue at Miami, your record must be transferred by the day before the next available academic term (at Miami or the new school—whichever comes first).

Students who are suspended or dismissed

If you are suspended or dismissed from Miami University, your record must be transferred within 21 days from the date your suspension or dismissal is announced.

Students on OPT

If you are on OPT and wish to transfer to another school prior to completing your OPT, you should be aware that once the transfer release date arrives, your OPT authorization is automatically terminated. Because your OPT authorization is tied to your Miami University record, once your record is transferred, your OPT eligibility ends. If your OPT will not yet expire by the time classes at the new school begin and you wish to continue your OPT employment until the latest possible date, you will need to discuss your transfer release date with an international student advisor.

If you wish to transfer to another school after your OPT authorization expires, please note that your record must be transferred by the end of your 60-day grace period (i.e. within 60 days after the OPT end date on your Employment Authorization Document).

Canceling the Transfer Release Date

ISSS can cancel or change your transfer plans any time up until the release date arrives. After the release date arrives, we have no further control over your SEVIS record, and you will then have to work with the new school if you change your plans.

What Other Restrictions Exist on the Timing of a SEVIS Transfer?

  • There cannot be more than a 5-month gap between programs. In other words, your first date of enrollment at your new institution must be no more than 5 months after your last date of enrollment at Miami University (or your last date of OPT, if applicable).
  • You must enroll at your new institution in the next available academic term (excluding regular vacation periods such as summer).
  • You must report to the new school within 15 days of the start of the new SEVIS document.

What is the Procedure for Requesting a SEVIS Transfer?

  • Obtain admission to another institution in the US and save a copy of your admission letter (on official letterhead).
  • Log in to your InterLink account (click the blue login button) using your unique ID and password. Go to “F-1 Student Services.” Complete the e-form “Transfer Out Request.”
  • Students who will not complete their degree at Miami also need to formally notify the university by completing the Student Withdrawal and Cancellation Form.
  • ISSS will review your request. You will be contacted by e-mail after your request is processed. Your SEVIS record will be electronically transferred to your new institution on your transfer release date.
  • Your new institution will then be able to process a transfer-pending I-20 for you.
  • If the new school has a transfer form that they need our office to complete, you may upload it as part of your Transfer Out request via InterLink, or you may bring it to MacMillan 214 or email it to


If you will be traveling outside the US prior to beginning the program at your new school, please be advised that you must re-enter the US with the I-20 issued by the school that has jurisdiction over your SEVIS record at the time of re-entry. The following scenarios are possible:

  • Your SEVIS record is released to your new school prior to your departure from the US. In this case, you must use the I-20 from the new school to re-enter the US.

  • Your SEVIS record is released to your new school while you are outside the US. In this case, you must use the I-20 from the new school to re-enter the US.

  • You depart the US and re-enter prior to requesting a transfer of your SEVIS record. In this case, you must re-enter the US using Miami University’s I-20. This scenario is rare, as it is generally advised that you have your record transferred prior to re-entry into the US. NOTE: If you have graduated from Miami, this scenario is not an option. You cannot re-enter the US with Miami’s I-20 after graduating.


On-Campus Employment Eligibility

Transferring your SEVIS record affects your eligibility to work on campus. Regulations allow on-campus employment only at the school that has control of your SEVIS record. For example, a student who chooses June 1 as a transfer release date cannot work on the Miami University campus after June 1. The student would, however, be able to begin employment on the campus of the new school as soon as the release date passes and they receive the new I-20.

Eligibility for CPT, OPT, etc

Authorization for CPT, OPT, etc. is not transferable. Students must stop all employment authorized through Miami University by their SEVIS release date. However, you may be eligible for such benefits of F-1 status like being able to apply for CPT, OPT, etc. at the new school without having enrolled there for an additional academic year, provided you have maintained status (including registering full-time) for an entire academic year at the Miami University. Policies vary between schools and you are advised to consult with your new school’s international office to determine your eligibility for work authorization.

Other Issues to Consider

  • If you have not yet completed your program, notify your academic advisor of your intent to leave Miami University.

  • If you registered for the next term at Miami University, remember to work with the Registrar and Bursar to withdraw your enrollment and pay any outstanding bills or obtain a refund (if applicable).

  • If you live off campus and your lease has not ended, contact your landlord to cancel or sublet your lease and fulfill any move-out obligations. Remember to cancel services such as gas, electric, water, phone, cable. If you live on-campus, contact the Campus Service Center to determine your move-out date and obligations.

  • Go to the U.S. Post Office and complete a form to have your mail forwarded, or visit the U.S. Post Office online and enter your “change of address” information. The U.S. Post Office may not forward mail to a non-U.S. address.

International Students and Scholars

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