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Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

Process to withdraw or take a leave of absence

Each semester has specific academic deadlines. Two important deadlines that typically impact leave of absence or withdrawal are the “Last Day to Drop a Class without a Grade” deadline and the “Last Day to Drop from a Course with a “W” deadline. The official deadlines are posted on the academic calendar for that semester.

In order to take a leave of absence or withdraw, follow these steps:

  1. Please schedule an appointment with an ISSS advisor. The advisor will help you complete required forms, withdraw from classes, and answer questions concerning how taking time off from your studies impacts your legal status.
  2. Please complete two required forms:
    a. University Withdrawal/Not Returning Form
    b. ISSS "Leave of Absence or Academic Withdrawal Request". Log in to InterLink to submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my F-1 record?

Provided ISSS is notified of your withdrawal or absence, your F-1 record will be terminated for authorized early withdrawal.

How long can I stay in the U.S. after withdrawing from classes?

Provided that ISSS approves you for authorized early withdrawal, you will have a 15-day grace period to make plans to depart the U.S.

What happens if I don't tell ISSS about my intention to take time off from my studies?

If you fail to notify ISSS, your record will be terminated for failure to enroll or unauthorized drop below full-time. Please note that you may not stay in the U.S. if you are not enrolled in the classes, and there is no grace period if your record is terminated for this reason.

Is there anything else I should consider?

Yes. If you live off of campus and your lease has not ended, contact your landlord to cancel or sublet your lease and fulfill any move-out obligations. Remember to cancel services such as gas, electric, water, phone, and cable. If you live on-campus, contact the Campus Service Center to determine your move-out date and obligations. If you are due a reimbursement of tuition, please confirm how you will receive your reimbursement with the One Stop office. Also, log in to BannerWeb to ensure the university has an accurate permanent mailing address on record for you.

I dropped all my classes after classes started but before the deadline to drop without grade. Why do I still owe tuition?

Students who withdraw from courses after the term officially starts may be responsible for at least partial tuition and fee payment. Contact the One Stop with questions.

How can I return to Miami after taking time off from my studies? Do I have to apply for admission again?

No, you do not have to apply for readmission. You will need to submit an application for reenrollment with the university. You will also need to request a new I-20, pay the SEVIS fee, and may be required to get a new visa in order to be able to return to the U.S. For more information, visit Returning to Miami University on the ISSS website.

Am I eligible for Curricular Practical Training or Optional Practical training upon my return after a leave of absence?

If you are returning to the U.S. with a new I-20 and SEVIS record, you will not be eligible for CPT or OPT until you have been registered in coursework and maintained status for one full academic year (summer sessions excluded). Time spent in the U.S. prior to your leave of absence does not count.

I think I need to withdraw from classes for a medical reason. How can I do this?

ISSS and the Office of the Dean of Students must authorize medical withdrawals. Please contact ISSS, and we will help guide you through the process so that you may submit a request to the university.

Can I withdraw from classes retroactively (after the term ends and grades are issued)?

Possibly, you can. You would be required to submit a formal petition to your academic division, and a committee will review your request. However, the U.S. government does not support retroactive withdrawal. If ISSS is notified that your petition is approved, we are required to report the withdrawal and terminate your SEVIS record. For that reason, we advise students considering retroactive withdrawal to contact ISSS, so we can explore the positive and negative aspects of pursuing this action, so you can make an informed decision.

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