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Pre-Disciplinary Hearing Cover

We offer the following template letter for pre-disciplinary hearings. You may alter this to suit your specific situation.


To: Marquita Carmichael, Director Employee of Employee and Labor Relations

From: Supervisor First and Last Name, Supervisor Title

Re: Request for Hearing for Employee's Name and Banner Number

This memo is a formal request for a pre-disciplinary hearing for Employee's Name for Charges/Reason for hearing.

Explanation of Charges:

Paragraph summarizing the charges

[If attendance related include: “We have calculated the occurrence rates as _ , evaluated the percentage to be ____, and we do/do not feel it meets the standard of patterned according to Article 44 Letter C "Inappropriate"

Operational Impact:

Paragraph defining how this event, incident or employee behavior has impacted your organization in a negative way.

Previous Performance Management (copies attached):

Information including type of discipline, reason and date signed.

Supporting Documents (copies attached), evidence or proof:

  • Highlighted TCP Time Detail Report
  • AFSCME Article X
  • The signed receipt of AFSCME contract
  • Miami Policy Library X.X
  • Department Policy XX
  • Department SOP XXXXXX
  • Ohio Revised/Administrative Code X.X.X.X
  • FOP Contract Article X
  • Call-off Hotline Voicemails
  • Email Communications
  • Signed and Dated Witness Statements
  • Video Camera Footage
  • Training Documents
  • Meeting Records
  • Safety Sign Offs
  • Leave Request Forms
  • Manager Statements
  • Screen Shots of Texts, Facebook posts or other Social Media Outlets

Employee’s Typical Work Schedule:

  • Days of Week
  • Time Shift Begins
  • Shift (circle one):
    • First
    • Second
    • Third

Requested Witness or Witness Typical Work Schedule:

  • None at this time
  • NAME
    • Unique ID
    • Days of Week
    • Time Shift Begins
  • NAME
    • Unique ID
    • Days of Week
    • Time Shift Begins

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