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Goals of the Internship

  1. Generalist Skills - Interns will engage in a range of professional activities appropriate to a generalist entry-level psychologist. In accordance with Ohio and university guidelines for health and safety, generalist skills will be developed both in person and through virtual platforms.
    1. Assessment, Diagnosis, and Triage
    2. Individual and Group Therapy
    3. On-call Crisis and Emergency Intervention
    4. Outreach, Programming, and Consultation
    5. Supervision and Training
  2. Integration of Science, Theory, and Art of Practice - Interns will demonstrate awareness of the intersection and integration of science, theory, and art in the practice of professional psychology.
    1. Theoretical Orientation and Clinical Style
    2. Integration of Science and Theory into the Art of Practice
    3. Ethics and Legal Standards
  3. Professional Identity - Interns will develop a sense of identity within the field of professional psychology.
    1. Awareness of Interpersonal Style
    2. Cooperative Discourse with Peers and Staff
    3. Consultation and Collaboration
    4. Lifelong Learner
  4. Multicultural Awareness, Attitudes, and Skills - Interns will demonstrate understanding of the relevance and complex intersection of multiple identities, including cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual and gender, SES, physical ability, etc., for clients and themselves.
    1. Diversity Awareness
    2. Diversity Knowledge
*The MU SCS HSP doctoral internship program does not use any distance education technology for training or supervision.

Contact for Student Counseling Service APA Doctoral Internship

Maria Carrubba-Whetstine, Ph.D.

Training Director
Miami University
Student Counseling Service
Clinical Health Services and Wellness Facility, Room 2035
Oxford, OH  45056

New reception area for Student Counseling Service.
Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness Facility

Student Counseling Service

Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness Facility
421 South Campus Ave.
Oxford, Ohio 45056
513-529-4634 Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Connect With Us on Twitter