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Ongoing Commitment to Diversity

Current and Recent Diversity Initiatives

Campus and Community Partnership

  • Continued partnership with International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS) to promote mental health services and accessibility to international students.
  • Continued partnership with Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion (CSDI), and ISSS to offer our Campus Care program at their locations.
  • 2022-2023- SCS Campus Partner Table at CSDI.
  • Staff members are a part of various faculty and staff organizations, such as AAA-FSA (Asian and Asian American Faculty & Staff Association), ABFAS (Assoc. of Black Faculty and Staff), ALFAS (Assoc. of Latino/a Faculty and Staff) and Women of Color Leadership Group. 

Outreach and Programming

  • SCS continues to offer a therapy support group for students of color and those who identify as LGBTQIA+.
  • 2022-2023- Heritage Month Cultural Celebrations Tabling with OIDI.
  • Fall 2022 & Spring 2023- Met with Incoming International Students to share about mental health wellbeing.
  • Fall 2022- SCS staff participated and provided programming for MADE at Miami.
  • Fall 2022- Attendance at Rainbow Reception to share resources.
  • Spring 2022- Attendance at Lavender Graduation.
  • Spring 2022- Nationaliteas event with ISSS, and table partnership at Stress Less Day.
  • SCS engage in student interviews related to mental health services and concerns facing students of color, female students, and/or resiliency related to racial unrest in U.S., Covid, body image, and sexual assault.

Professional Development/Advanced Training

Race and Ethnicity

  • "Culturally Responsive CBT for Depression and Anxiety" webinar
  • "Antiracist Adaptions to Dialectical Behavior Therapy for White Therapists" presentation
  • "Critical Race Theory as a Necessary Lens for Clinical Practice" workshop
  • "Creating Safe Spaces Culturally Diverse Clients" webinar
  • "Healing from Racism through the Power of Collaborative Systemic Change" training
  • "The changing landscape of youth suicide and suicidal behavior:  An examination of racial difference and risk factors" presentation
  • "White Accountability Spaces Workshop" for white clinicians to discuss racial issues and what they and their centers are doing to ensure accountability is held
  • "Going where angels fear to tread: Antiracism in clinical practice" presentation
  • "Raced Based Traumatic Stress and Healing" webinar
  • Intern modules on Latino/a populations, Navigating Difficult Diversity Conversations, Multicultural Identity, Model Minority Myth Busting

International Students

  • "Multicultural Counseling for International Students" training


  • SafeZone 101, Clinically focused Safezone and follow up debrief
  • "Affirming care and support for LGBTQI+ clients" training
  • "Affirming Clinical Practices for Consensual Non-Monogamy" training


  • "Men & Masulinities in Counseling & Psychotherapy" training
  • "Healthy Masculinity" training 

Accesibility and Disability

  • "Inclusive Excellence" event
  • "Inclusive Language in Presentations" webinar
  • "Understanding Today's Student:Gentilligence*" workshop
  • "Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Autistic Students" webinar
  • Mental Health First Aid and Ally Training
  • Eating Recovery Center Eating Disorders Workshop

SCS Staff Antiracist Pledges

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Commitment to Diversity

The Miami University Student Counseling Service is deeply committed to the appreciation and celebration of diversity. We value students of all identities, including but not limited to those based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, nationality and citizenship status, age, body shape/size, religion, spirituality, ability, and ideology.

We recognize the effects that discrimination, prejudice, and systemic issues of power and privilege can have on the life of a student. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where all students can feel supported, nurtured, and affirmed.

As mental health professionals, we are trained to provide multiculturally informed services that meet the needs of all students while also honoring the uniqueness of each individual.

All counseling services are confidential and are not part of the student academic record.

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