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Deposit Policy

From the Investments and Treasury Services Office

It is extremely important that all student organizations adhere to strong internal controls as Outlined in the Miami University Cash Handling Policy. By doing so, the potential for mishandling of funds can be minimized.

For the purposes of this policy, “cash” includes coins, currency, and checks.

Deposits should reflect the total collected cash (no expenditure should be made from the collected revenues). No checks may be cashed.

Collections should be held in a secure manner until deposited; i.e., in a locked location. The Ohio Revised Code requires that all deposits be made within three business days of receipt unless the deposit total is more than $1,000. Receipts in excess of $1,000 are required to be deposited by the end of the next business day.

Student organizations can deposit checks and/or cash (no coin) into the Shared University bank accounts via the PNC Bank Multi-Function ATM located in Armstrong. Checks should be endorsed “For Deposit Only” and must be made payable to Miami University. To check out the Deposit Only ATM card, please contact the Center for Student Engagement, Activities, and Leadership at 513-529-1462 to make an appointment.

Student organizations are not permitted to open their own separate bank accounts — all deposits must be made through Miami University.

An online deposit confirmation form needs to be completed for each deposit. Your PNC deposit will not be credited to your on-campus account until this information has been submitted.

It is extremely important to include the names and addresses of anyone making donations or sponsorships to your organization in order for them to receive a charitable contribution tax credit.

If you have any questions about deposits, please contact the Treasury Services Department - be sure to include the student organization name and index/account number or have it available when discussing the account with staff.

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