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Professional Programs and Courses

Online Professional Certificates

Advance your career and skills with Miami University's professional certificates. These short-term online programs offer applicable knowledge and actual industry perspective, led by Miami's renowned faculty and experienced alums. Start as soon as today.


Strengthen your perception of the modern business world. Miami's online miniMBA provides a taste of a full business master's at your own pace, led by Farmer School of Business faculty with industry insights from Miami's successful alum network. Gain a competitive edge for career advancement or change with this online credential. Complete all five courses to earn a verified miniMBA professional certificate.

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Digital Marketing Foundations

Miami's online Digital Marketing Foundations certificate explores the techniques that form the backbone of modern digital marketing strategies, from brand identity and content strategy to social media advertising. Gain fundamental skills from accomplished marketers and industry leaders, and immediately apply your learning to your business and career goals.

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Leadership Essentials

Thrive as a leader in today's dynamic workplaces. The online Leadership Essentials course provides a holistic understanding of topics from talent management and communication to strategic planning. Led by accomplished Miami alumnae with deep industry experience, you'll gain actionable leadership skills to drive innovation and success across your teams and organizations.

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DEI in Leadership

Prepare to lead and support inclusive workplaces and communities with Miami's award-winning online DEI in Leadership certificate. Grasp the foundations of critical DEI concepts, and choose from one of three concentrations — coalition-building, health equity, or inclusive workplaces — to gain immediately applicable knowledge and strategies.

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Employer Solutions

Partnerships and Group Rates

Connect with us to maximize the impact of your organization's learning and development goals. Access group rates, explore scalable partnership opportunities, or license Miami's professional education content for your learning platform.

Custom Solutions

Work directly with Miami University's award-winning online professional education team to achieve your organization's needs. We can create and customize courses to your organization's specific needs and support your learners as they go.

Advanced Manufacturing

Employers and individuals can complete online courses and in-person workshops to gain expertise in advanced manufacturing technologies, systems, and processes.

Analytics and Data Science Courses

Through its Center for Analytics and Data Science (CADS), Miami University offers online, hybrid, and in-person training for industry professionals seeking to develop their data and quantitative literacy skills. Our Corporate Analytics Training Academy courses aim to help you or your business grow by strengthening your workforce to get the most value out of your data.

Foundations of Statistics

Immerse yourself in the essentials: descriptive statistics, probability, regression, and beyond. Acquire hands-on expertise in data summarization, study design, and hypothesis testing to supercharge your ability to draw meaningful insights from raw data.

Foundations of Data Science

From data analytics to AI, gain an introduction to common data science techniques and elevate your analytics skills to make impactful business decisions.

Data Visualization

Dive into data visualization using Excel and Google Sheets to level up your data communication skills. Learn to import, organize, and present data effectively with chart selection, color principles, pivot tables, dashboards, and more. Master the art of telling the truth with data in a visually compelling way.

Storytelling with Data

Blend the art of storytelling with data and analytics. Learn to translate insights into layperson's terms for impactful business decisions. The course covers question framing, data visualization, presentation design, and more — equipping you to turn data into a compelling narrative for strategic influence.

Power BI

Unleash the full potential of your data with our comprehensive PowerBI course, covering everything from basic visualizations and data modeling to advanced analytics and collaborative reporting. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, join us to transform raw data into insightful and actionable reports.

Introduction to AI - Part I

Dive into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence with our Introduction to AI - Part 1 course. Gain a solid foundation in AI principles in this "no-code" course that explores the fundamentals of Machine Learning, real-world applications of Generative AI, and the ethical dimensions of AI's impact on society. This course is your first step towards mastering AI, designed for anyone looking to understand and apply AI in various domains.

Online Courses

Master key skills affordably with standalone online courses.

Emotion-Focused Communications Training

The way we respond emotionally to others can impact how we provide care. This course is designed to increase your awareness of your own emotions and help you identify emotions in others. Strategies are then provided for how to manage those emotions – yours and your care recipients’.

While the course is relevant to any person who is a caregiver, it specifically focuses on providing care to an individual with dementia.


Miami Writing Institute

Debunk common writing myths and rethink what it means to be a good writer with this free, thought-provoking learning opportunity from Miami's nationally known Howe Center for Writing Excellence.

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Advance Your Organization or Career

Enroll yourself or your organization in one of Miami University's flexible online programs for working professionals and watch the opportunities unfold.