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Online miniMBA Certificate

Agile Business Leadership in Five Short Courses

Miami University's miniMBA abridges a two-year Master of Business Administration degree into five engaging online courses. Each course, priced at $175, offers exceptional value if you're seeking to enhance your business acumen and leadership skills in the modern corporate landscape. Upon completion of all five courses, you'll receive your miniMBA Certificate, validating your expertise and commitment to professional growth.

miniMBA Quick Facts

Bringing the miniMBA to your workforce or organization?

5 courses

Each online course consists of three modules and provides a digital badge.

Flexible pace

Complete each self-paced course on your terms.


Start expanding your business horizons right away.

$175 each

All five courses in the miniMBA Certificate amount to $875.

Explore the essentials of business leadership

Unlock the fundamentals of a full MBA degree through Miami University's online miniMBA program, led by our esteemed Farmer School of Business faculty. These condensed, high-quality courses cover a range of critical business topics, including leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, and finance. Additionally, you'll gain valuable insights from successful Miami alumni, who share their personal career progression in the field of business.

Leverage your new skills in the workplace

With a miniMBA certificate, you'll be empowered to make a significant impact on your organization's innovation efforts. Leverage your enhanced management sills in your current role and future business endeavors. This concise online program differentiates you from your peers and serves as a stepping stone toward a full MBA or other graduate business degree.

What is the online miniMBA curriculum?

Miami University's passionate teacher-scholars actively foster challenging intellectual experiences for our exceptional student body. In these online miniMBA courses, these Farmer School of Business faculty guide you through a diverse range of business topics, accompanied by engaging videos produced by Miami Online's award-winning media team. Delve into long-standing and current business concepts, including:

Executive Judgment and Decision-Making

Prepare for the ever-changing business environment by addressing Change Management, Strategy, and Business Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibility. This module focuses on crisis communication, leading through unexpected change, implementing research-based strategies, and prioritizing ethical decision-making, providing actionable ideas for the workplace. Learn to lead change effectively, apply Porter's Five Forces for strategic direction, and understand the impact of ethical thinking and corporate social responsibility on organizational success.

Innovation and Management

Gain essential knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, creativity, and new technology to navigate the ever-changing business landscape. Explore Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Creative and Design Thinking, and Leveraging Disruptive Technology, embracing the transformative power of these fields. Discover that entrepreneurship is a method applicable to everyone, and learn how creativity as a process leads to innovative problem-solving. Lastly, delve into the world of disruptive technology, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data-driven communication.

Financial Acumen

Develop a comprehensive understanding of financial management through topics such as Financial Management, Accounting and Decision-Making, and Cash Flows and Taxes, which benefit decision-makers at all levels. The Financial Management section covers valuation methods, capital budgeting, investment risk and return, and provides an overview of finance terminology. Accounting and Decision-Making focus on managerial accounting, planning and control, performance evaluation, and their impact on ROI, while the Cash Flows and Taxes module explores incorporating financial information into decision-making, including investment considerations applicable to various business decisions.

Inclusion and Belonging

Foster a strong workplace by valuing people's unique experiences and perspectives, strengthening the organization. Topics of DEI in the Workplace, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Women in Leadership provide valuable insights for understanding, communicating, and leading diverse populations. Explore the importance of cognitive diversity, managing diversity for inclusion and equity, the impact of culture on ethics and conflict resolution, and actionable strategies for women in leadership roles.

Enhancing Market Presence

Establishing a strong market presence is essential for the success of any product or service. The components of Branding, Digital Marketing, and User Experience must be carefully considered throughout the product or service lifecycle. Learn about brand identity, perception influence, attribution modeling, content strategy, and user experience to effectively manage and promote your brand, ensuring a positive and relevant customer experience.

What is the Miami University difference?

Immerse yourself in the renowned faculty expertise of Miami University's Farmer School of Business, recognized as one of the top-ranked business schools in the nation.


Public Business School in Ohio

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Top 15

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for Early Career Return-on-Investment

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Enroll in Miami's online miniMBA

Take charge of your business success with Miami University's miniMBA program. Elevate your skills and knowledge through our concise and impactful online business courses. Begin today to unlock new opportunities and drive your career forward.

Ready for a deeper dive?

With Miami University's Online MBA and Online Master's in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology programs, you can earn a graduate degree in business with the convenience your busy schedule demands.